janey and tre’s brooklyn wedding

finallyA long time ago, I promised to post some pictures from my sister Janey’s wedding. I know you guys were holding your breaths for this ūüėČ so here they are. She finally sent me the pro pics the other day and they were¬†just to die for.¬†I’m really excited to share them with you.

downtown bk group 2To be quite honest, there were many many more pictures I wanted to show here, but I had to edit myself and only include my favorites. Here we go:

downton bk groupThe wedding party¬†met up at a boutique hotel in downtown Brooklyn (the room had a ¬†hammock!) and then drove to the couple’s¬†old neighborhood for some nostalgia and picture-taking. The ceremony and reception were at Deity, a gorgeous wedding hall in Boerum Hill.

fixing the bowtie


The guys looking sharp

the guys

…and they totally know it.

the guys 2

the boys3

The bride and groom looking lovely and so in love.janey tre 1


The ceremony was held in the loft, which was all red brick, twinkle lights and glossy wooden floors. It was just beautiful.

down the aisle 3

down the aisle 4
maid of honor

holding hands

tre family and friends

the ring

groom sisters

My dad giving a funny speech at dinner. I really had no idea he was quite the public speaker!
dad laughing magie

My nephew Mase tearin’ up the dance floor. He just gets better and better with age.


Someone get this kid on So You Think You Can Dance! (Side note: I reeeeeally didn’t care for the pointless¬†Stage vs. Street theme this year. Discuss?).mason2

We were all so fortunate to be part of this big moment in Janey and Tre’s awesome love story (and if you ever met them, then it’s guaranteed ‚ÄĒthose two¬†will be your favorite fun-loving couple).

oh hey!

me and bob

It’s been a while.

Things have been better since I last updated you. Actually, they got worse before they got better. Let me explain.

We had a mouse in our house.

A MOUSE. In our house.I was feeling miserable about it. Not only was I still adjusting to my new surroundings, but now I had to deal with this. And see,¬†I don’t like mice. To me, they are filthy little creatures that carry diseases and they give me¬†the creeps. Nothing is more uncomfortable¬†when you’re walking on eggshells in your house, expecting a rodent¬†to pop out at you any moment (Bob tells me they don’t “pop out”, rather they scurry away. But still). Any little sound or squeak inside the house¬†and I jumped. And this mouse was sharp! He bypassed multiple types of traps set up around the house. I¬†would have been impressed if I weren’t so disgusted. We finally had pest control come in to set traps and fill up some of the holes around the house with a filling that’s supposed to block rodents and insects¬†from entering. Since then, we haven’t had¬†any mouse sightings, thank goodness. Of course, then his grandmother who lives downstairs started seeing mouse droppings on her countertop shortly after. I did feel bad¬†about that. A few days later, when his grandmother found the mouse dead by her front door (from natural causes?), a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Sorry to say it, but it’s true.


Bob and I celebrated our birthday in a ¬†low-key fashion this year. We went out to eat, just the two of us, at Bobby Flay’s semi-new restaurant Gato.¬† The life-changing scrambled eggs appetizer made my night! It was easily the best thing I’ve eaten in months. It was¬†spicy and wonderful¬†and had the consistency similar to a soft cheese spread. Second best thing? The berry crostata dessert. It was such a nice night and the first time we were able to slow down and enjoy each other’s company in weeks (which we’re trying to do more of before the baby arrives). The seemingly never-ending move really took up a lot of our weekend free time. I’m hoping the baby doesn’t come too early so we can have a few weeks of calm¬†before she’s due to arrive later in the month.


My sister’s wedding was last weekend! I took very few pictures and they were only of the bride getting ready at the gorgeous NU Hotel in Brooklyn. No time to snap pics when you’re the maid of honor! But I would eventually like to post the pictures once I have¬†the professional ones. A¬†full photo of the bride’s dress (along with other beautiful¬†moments from the wedding) needs to be shown off because…duh. Plus, there’s this video of my nephew Mason tearin’ it up¬†with his dance moves that my dad has yet to send me. The kid is seriously so good.¬†I’ve never seen anyone just feel that music and let loose like he does. I hope he never loses that!

getting readybouquet

I’d gotten to the point where I legitimately had NOTHING to wear. The weather warmed up considerably and I thought I’d get away with wearing my old summer dresses once that happened. As it turned out, I’d gained more weight than I realized¬†and those dresses made me feel like sausages in casings. When I told my mom, she asked me, “Why did you think you’d be able to fit in your old dresses?”. Good question!¬†I think part na√Įvet√©¬†and part wishful thinking. I had held out for as long as I could on the maternity wear, but I had to give in last¬†Monday. I went to Target on my lunch break and bought over $100 in dresses and one pair of comfy pants.

Okay and one eye shadow too because I have no self control in the beauty section. No regrets!

nice shoes

Things are going to start to quiet down within the next couple of weeks (here’s hoping), so I’d like to start picking up my DSLR regularly again.¬†I miss taking pictures. I miss blogging too. And you guys, of course. How are you?

the met


Bob and I had the most amazing summer, going out and enjoying ourselves every chance we got. I figured we’d continue our fun streak into the winter, but lately we’ve been such homebodies and only going out to catch a movie or quick dinner on the weekends. But I think we’d both had enough of our hibernation because last weekend, we eagerly made plans to visit The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Neither of us had been in a while and since the weather was cold and wet, being inside looking at art all day sounded ideal. I mistakenly thought, now that’s it’s after New Year’s and all the tourists are clearing out, it’ll be nice and¬†empty.¬†Wrong. Still as packed and touristy as ever! But it didn’t bother me. Crowded¬†or not, The Met is a huge¬†museum filled with beautiful, thought-provoking art and¬†I can enjoy that either way. Realistically, this place¬†is probably never not crowded, but it’s for¬†good reason.


It’s difficult to see the entire museum in one visit,¬†so we made sure to get around to collections¬†that we hadn’t seen before or that we hadn’t seen in a long time. The Renaissance¬†art and stained glass windows stood out to me the most this time around. I could stare at stained glass windows all day. They are just so amazing¬†to look at.



Also worth mentioning (though sadly not pictured), a phenomenon Bob likes to call Art Butts. The abundance of bare butts in art. True story (and you know it).
lookingthick layers

Bob’s favorite Pollack.pollack

¬†It was such a nice day. Having not done something like this for a while made it that much sweeter. ¬†It brought me back to our old dating days when we’d spend hours in the city just walking, talking, eating and experiencing everything New York had to offer. In those days, we’d meet up early and stay out late until we were both bone-tired. I never wanted to go home because I wanted to make the most of our time together (in the early days, we only saw eachother about once a week). Although things are slightly different now, especially now that we live together, they’re still just as fun and the exhaustion at the end of the day feels just as good!

thoughts in list form + the beach in october

 unprotected beachGreat Kills Park in Staten Island.

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I didn’t mean to not blog for 3 weeks, but…hey, that’s what happened. No specific reason either, just general life busyness and for that last¬†week, sheer¬†laziness. After a busy and supercharged summer, this fall has been relatively uneventful, but I’m kind of digging the low-keyness of it. It’s been relaxing, peaceful and it feels needed.

boots on the sand

Officially boot season.

Despite the uneventfulness, let’s get into a few random updates and thoughts anyway. Because it’s been weeks!

I loathe our upstairs neighbors. They just moved in about two weeks ago and already they’re driving me crazy with their guitar-playing (the same song over and over and¬†OVER) and loud stompiness (seriously, it’s like there’s lead in those boots) at all hours.

We’ve had leaks in the bathroom¬†and a possible leak in the coat closet. The bathroom drains have been clogging up like crazy. I have nowhere to put my new blender, so it sits on the counter, which of course uses up precious cooking space. Not only are we outgrowing this apartment, but it’s like the place is now¬†rejecting us. It’s almost like it knows, we’re over it already.


My friend Jen has a thoughtful moment by the water.

That said, we still have our eyes firmly set on our moldy little dream home. But there have been no developments. We’re in this position right now where we’re just waiting to hear back on an adjusted price, so right now we’re just twiddling our thumbs while all¬†the behind-the-scenes stuff gets figured out.

I had these fried alligator bites for the first time at a place called Bayou in Staten Island. Damn tasty. File under: Tastes Like Chicken.

TV stuff (spoiler-free!): I’m so¬†impressed with Walking Dead this season. The first episode was explosive‚ÄĒliterally and figuratively‚ÄĒand the second was full of a crazy amount of¬†tension. Can’t even handle what’s about to happen. Sons of Anarchy, also very tension-filled. Any second, I’m like he’s going to find out the truth, he’s going to find out the truth. But then…no. I bet they’re saving up that doozy for finale. I’ve been marathoning Gilmore Girls on Netflix and I’ve been LOVING it. Now that I’m older, I get a lot¬†more of the pop-culture references and I find my opinions on some characters have changed slightly. I actually understand¬†Emily now (not when she’s trying to break up Luke and Lorelai though). And¬†there’s all these before-they-were-celebrity cameos, like Jon Hamm and Nick Offerman that I’m spotting every now and again.¬†Random!


It may be cold here, but the flowers are still a cheery shade of summer.

I am absolutely determined to not get sick this year. I’ve already ordered a pack of Vitamin D3 tablets and am looking into the benefits of elderberry syrup and fire cider. I felt a bit scratchy in the throat yesterday (this is how it always starts), so I had soup for lunch and dinner, drank copious amounts of water and washed my hands a record number of times. Today the scratchiness is gone, thank goodness. I am not getting sick this year, I am not getting sick this year, I am not getting sick this year… If I say it enough times, then it won’t happen, right?

I’m not into Hallowen this year, though I’ll be attending my nephew’s birthday/costume party this weekend. Bob told me there was some girl on Jimmy Fallon the other night that said she wore a shirt that said “Life” on it and then handed out lemons, as her lazy Halloween costume. So clever! ¬†I love it.¬†I want¬†a cool/lazy/cheap idea like that. Got any suggestions? I do have a backup¬†costume planned, but I can still be convinced to do something else ūüėČ

verrazanoSouth Beach, Staten Island (and the Verrazano in the distance)

the weekend: governors island, etc. and a house update


I decided to take the day off on Friday at the last minute and I’m glad I did. It was one of those weeks at work that felt¬†turtle’s-pace¬†slow. Since we had to postpone our Charleston, SC vacation plans indefinitely, I’ve been using my PTO days sparingly and I’m mostly saving them for when/if we move¬†within the year. That’s what’s so difficult about the unpredictability of a short sale. ¬†We have no idea when we should expect to move. Though speaking of which, we got news last week that the seller¬†accepted our offer! We just need the bank to sign and then we’re in official attorney review (negotiations about the condition of the house, time frames and whatnot). Our realtor is confident that the bank will accept the offer too, so¬†it looks promising. The timing is perfect¬†because the¬†company that we’re renting from now just sent us a lease renewal contract over the weekend. They’re raising the rent up by $100!¬†Pfft.¬†¬†Oh! And we just now discovered what may or may not have had a leak in our coat closet over the last few months. And possibly some mold. So yay. We’ve since removed all of our belongings from the closet and placed them on top of our radiator in our already-cramped bedroom. What¬†an eyesore.¬†It’s like the universe is sending us signals to leave the apartment.¬†Okay universe, I’m trying my best here! Tell the bank to hurry up and sign that contract!



Now on to more weekendy¬†things.¬†If I were to give you any advice about Governors Island, it is to go on weekday afternoon in the middle of September. The weather’s that perfect mix of warm and cool¬†and the place practically belongs to you. At least, that’s how it felt for me and Bob¬†on a disgustingly gorgeous Friday afternoon.


chris christie2

Oh hey, Chris Christie ( aka perhaps our soon-to-be governor)chris christie


But if you’re not going to visit, that’s fine too. You can live vicariously through these pictures and just admire those views. Most notably, the ever-elegant and shiny One World Trade, an appropriate and important visual reminder given¬†the week in September.


We soared around the island on our rented bikes for a couple of hours and then laid out on the grass with our iced drinks and sandwiches. It was incredibly leisurely.

me and bob


iced tea

The rest of the weekend was pretty great too. We tried (and loved) the much-talked-about brunch at Sanfords, followed by an evening of the Mets losing (what else is new?) and some fireworks after the game. It was my first time in a long time at a baseball game and I have to say, it’s much more interesting to watch live than it is to watch on TV.

Admittedly, the promise of a fireworks show at the end of it was what really kept me going ūüėČ I’m a sucker for an¬†ostentatious lights show.

let’s play catch-up

me and the boys

On the weather:

August, for the most part, has been feeling a bit chillier so I’m really happy that this week we’re getting back into the true feel of¬†summer and reaching temps in the mid 80s again. Which means, I’m making the most of¬†wearing as little as possible. It’s nice to be able to quickly pull on some shorts and slip into sandals. It’s one of the¬†reasons why I love this season so much. It’s so easy and laid-back.


On giving up sugar and alcohol for a month:

Next month, Bob and I will go completely alcohol and (processed) sugar-free. The sugar will be the toughest ¬†because we’ve gotten into this habit of getting peanut butter fudge ice cream after dinner every weekend (and it’s gooood). While there’s nothing wrong with a little sweet here and there, I really want to challenge myself to make healthier creative desserts using only natural sweeteners like raw honey, dates and maple syrup. The alcohol will be a cinch though.¬†I stopped drinking¬†in July and still going strong!¬†This isn’t permanent by any means. Goodness no.

thumbs up

On the prospective new home:

No news on the house yet. Apparently, a short sale‚ÄĒwhich is what this is‚ÄĒis another word for long sale. We’ve put down the offer and the bank will take weeks‚ÄĒweeks!‚ÄĒto get back to us with an answer. If we have to re-negotiate, it’ll take another few weeks. Our lease is up in December, so it’s not like we don’t have the time. But¬†if this process takes longer than that, which it very well¬†can, we may have to renew the lease, which means higher rent¬†(boo!) but more time in Queens¬†(yay!). Of course, we’ve been keeping an eye out for other prospects but so far, nothing else has really caught our¬†attention yet.

playing catch

On the new blog makeover:

I wanted something a bit more stylish, but clean, minimal and responsive. You like?!

monkey bars

On the weekend:

We celebrated Bob’s grandmother’s birthday¬†over the weekend. It’s funny because she’s kind of averse to new technology but every year, someone gets her something high-techy that she has to learn to use. Last year, we gave her a Kindle. We knew it was a risk, but we decided on it anyway. She may not know how to purchase a book online (Bob’s mother does that for her), but she knows how to turn the page and that’s really all you need to know when it comes to the Kindle. She likes it. Or at least, that’s what she tell us. This year, Bob’s uncle got her a Keurig, which upon opening she laughed and said, “What am I going to do with this? I already have a coffee¬†machine!” “But this one makes one cup at time which is perfect for you!” we all explained. ¬†Bob showed her how to work it and if you have a Keurig, you’ll know it’s pretty simple to figure out. Here’s to learning new things! Now, if we can get her into texting…


Bob and I were supposed to babysit the boys last Friday, but since my sister ended up taking off the whole week anyway, we decided to have a little family outing with all of us instead. I invited them to come to Astoria park. I knew they would enjoy¬†the bright open space, the bridge¬†views and the playground. And they did! The boys had a lot of fun, despite a few “misunderstandings” here and there (see below*).

*Parenting in action: “No hitting your brother!”


( ‚ÜϬ†Taken from Bob’s Instagram)

Bob waits on the sidelines while someone gets a talking-to.


But then we were back to business as usual: monkey bars and slides for the kids, while we looked along and chatted about So You Think You Can Dance (Ricky for the win!).


rain clouds moving in

bob carrying mase

And that’s¬†all¬†I got for now. How was your week?

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