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how to unclog your drain cheaply and naturally (aka diy drano)

Every few months, the drain will clog and I’ll run to the drugstore for some Drano to clear it up. It does the job, but after a while, spending almost $10 on a bottle every couple or so months seemed … Continue reading

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how to get rid of tea and coffee stains on your mug

It’s inevitable. You use the same mug filled with coffee morning after morning and pretty soon, stains starts to appear. Sometimes you wash your cup right away, sometimes you don’t (that would be me!), but you’re bound to start noticing … Continue reading

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i’m getting (kinda’) good at this hair thing

While all of my friends were doing their cute messy buns, fishtail braids and twisty thingies, I’ve been rockin’ the same ‘do for what seems like forever. I was never any good at the execution. But lately, I’ve come across … Continue reading

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diy produce wash | cleaning fruits and vegetables

Instead of spending money on a produce wash, you can make your own, which has proven to be just as, if not more, effective. According to a study conducted by Cook’s Illustrated, a mixture of three parts water and one … Continue reading

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easy last-minute pop-culture costume ideas

Is it me or does Halloween seem to sneak up on you every year? I always find I’m scrambling at the last second to pull something together, but it usually works out for the best. All it takes is a … Continue reading

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a different way to hard “boil” your eggs

Which in fact, isn’t boiling at all, hence the quotations. Hard-boiling isn’t difficult, but I think popping them in the oven at 325 degrees F/163 degrees C for 25-30 minutes and an ice bath immediately afterwards is a little simpler (less … Continue reading

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cutting more bottles

I can’t get Bob to willingly replace the shower curtain or take out the trash or pick up his jeans from the bedroom floor. But I can always count on him to volunteer to make me a vase out of … Continue reading

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