how to catch and get rid of fruit flies // homemade fruit fly trap

How to Catch and Get Rid of Fruit Flies

What you’ll need:

2-5 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (balsamic works well too)
Sheet of paper (or two)
Tall, clear glass jar or cup (use something with a mouth that isn’t too wide)

What to do:

1. Pour in the vinegar into a jar or cup. I used just enough to cover the bottom of the cup.
2. Roll the paper into a cone shape and place in a jar or cup. Use tape, if needed, to hold the paper cone together.
3. Wait for the flies to descend.
4. Empty out the jar by releasing the fruit flies outdoors periodically to once a day.

I always keep a lot of produce in the house, so there’s always a few fruit flies buzzing about. But last week I was faced with an unusually large amount of them, particularly swarming around my  ripe grape tomatoes. There had to be about 20-ish fruit flies hanging out by this little package of tomatoes and it completely grossed me out. I’d remembered this tip I learned from Youtuber Megan Elizabeth on how to get rid of them using just a few household items, so I decided to try it out. It worked! ALL of them were trapped in the cup within two days.

How to Catch and Get Rid of Fruit Flies.

A few tips and notes:

1. The hole at the end of the cone should be narrow so that the flies can’t escape.
2. The flies will try to crawl out by the sides, so you’ll want to make sure this area is secure.
3. Place the cup next to your produce or by the sink (or wherever you find them hanging out the most). You’ll catch more of them quicker.
4. Although this is considered a humane technique, you’ll have some casualties aka flies that got drunk on vinegar and drowned.
5. Our exterminator told us you would even use wine in place of vinegar. But then again why waste perfectly good wine?

how to unclog your drain cheaply and naturally (aka diy drano)

How to unclog your drain naturally and cheaply (aka DIY Drano)Every few months, the drain will clog and I’ll run to the drugstore for some Drano to clear it up. It does the job, but after a while, spending almost $10 on a bottle every couple or so months seemed needless. Being the cheap mulitasking cleaning wonder baking soda is, I knew there had to be some kind of baking soda mix that would effectively rise to the task. After some research, I came across two trusted sites (here and here) that endorsed a baking soda + vinegar + boiling water solution and once I tried it, I knew I wouldn’t be buying harsh and expensive Drano again.

You Will Need:

1/2 cup baking soda
2/3 cup white vinegar
Large pot of boiling water
Drain cap (or anything that will keep the fizzing soda-vinegar solution from bubbling up, i.e. a small plate or large bottlecap)

What To Do:

Funnel the baking soda down the drain. I found that some of the baking soda sat at the top, so I used a long toothpick to gently push it down.
Slowly pour in  the vinegar, covering the hole with your drain cap every so often, so that the bubbly fizz stays inside the drain.
Let sit for about 20 minutes, and then pour the entire pot of boiling water down the drain.

It’s that easy. And it really works! For me, it was one-shot deal. But if you have more stubborn buildup, then repeating the process one or more times should serve you well.

*Sources are hyperlinked within post.

how to get rid of tea and coffee stains on your mug

stained cup

It’s inevitable. You use the same mug filled with coffee morning after morning and pretty soon, stains starts to appear. Sometimes you wash your cup right away, sometimes you don’t (that would be me!), but you’re bound to start noticing those dreaded marks circling around the inside of your mug. Marks that don’t just disappear with regular soap and water.

But with some baking soda and water (and a little elbow grease), they can come out easily. It’s natural, super effective and cheap. Yep!


What you’ll need:

1 teaspoon of baking soda
1/2 teaspoon coarse or sea salt (optional)
Soft, damp cloth

Rinse the cup with water, so the baking soda has something to stick to.
Sprinkle the baking soda and salt in the cup.
Take the cloth and scrub the inside of the cup until completely clean.
Rinse and done.

cleanBright and shiny and just like new!

i’m getting (kinda’) good at this hair thing

While all of my friends were doing their cute messy buns, fishtail braids and twisty thingies, I’ve been rockin’ the same ‘do for what seems like forever. I was never any good at the execution.

But lately, I’ve come across these gorgeous elaborate hair tutorials all over the web. Easy ones too! So I’ve been experimenting with a few that look easily do-able for an amateur like me.

If you’re looking for some suggestions, here are a few that I’ve personally tried, conquered and loved:

  • I wore this once to a wedding and another time to the grocery store (versatility!). Don’t worry about perfection – it looks good a little messy.
  • Out of all the Katniss-inspired styles I’ve seen, this one is my favorite.
  • My hair is naturally wavy, so when I want to bring that up a notch, I like to use this no-heat technique to do just that. The only difference is I like to first prep my damp hair with a little product, do the twist and pin and keep them in overnight. Here is her quick, easy-to-follow video tutorial.

If  I can do these, you can definitely do these.

diy produce wash | cleaning fruits and vegetables

Instead of spending money on a produce wash, you can make your own, which has proven to be just as, if not more, effective. According to a study conducted by Cook’s Illustrated, a mixture of three parts water and one part white vinegar removed almost all traces of bacteria, as compared to using water alone.

I filled up a a clean spray bottle with the mixture and started to clean all of my smoother-textured produce, such as apples and potatoes. Just a few spritzes and then a final rinse of clean water. Easy as that.

For fruits and vegetables with an odd shape and/or deeper crevices, like cauliflower and blackberries, you can fill up a large bowl with the mixture and let it sit for a minute or two. Afterwards, dry thoroughly.

Bonus: this vinegar-water mixture helps berries to stay fresher for longer too.

And I continue to be fascinated by the many uses for vinegar (remember this one?).

Sources: National Public Radio, Cook’s Illustrated.

easy last-minute pop-culture costume ideas

Is it me or does Halloween seem to sneak up on you every year? I always find I’m scrambling at the last second to pull something together, but it usually works out for the best. All it takes is a smidge of creativity and you’ve got yourself an amazing pop-culture-inspired costume. One of my favorite parts about this day is spotting the Amy Winehouses, the Sarah Palins and the Katy Perrys and seeing people’s different takes on each.

Here’s a short list of people and characters in pop culture that can easily be a.) found in your closet or b.) bought in a clothing/thrift store. Perfect for someone who doesn’t want to spend $30 to $40 for a polyester costume-in-a-bag they’ll only wear once.

1.) ’90s Courtney Love

What you’ll need:
*A lacy slip or babydoll dress.
*A short blonde wig.
*Torn fishnet stockings.
*A small tiara (optional).
*A toy guitar.
*Matte red lipstick (preferably a little smeared).
*A middle finger to occasionally flip people off.




2.) Robert Palmer girl

What you’ll need:
*A black form-fitting dress.
*Shiny, red lipstick.
*Heavy, dark eye-makeup.
*A slicked-back bun.
*Black pumps
*Sheer black stockings
*A toy guitar.
*An aloof attitude and a blank stare.


3.) Sandy from Grease, post-makeover

What you’ll need:
*A blonde wig.
*Shiny black leggings.
*A black leather jacket and/or a black off-the-shoulder top.
*Red pumps.
*A cigarette.
*The phrase “Tell me about…stud” in your back pocket.

4.) Alex from a A Clockwork Orange

What you’ll need:
*White pants.
*White top.
*A black derby hat (they sell an inexpensive one here).
*A cane or walking stick.
*Black combat boots.
*Black eyeliner to draw super long lashes below your right eye.
*A creepy, sociopathic smile.

5.) Any of these ideas from my friend, Jamillah.

My personal favorites are the ones pictured below, but there are tons more. Check it!

This year I’m considering Tom Cruise in Risky Business or Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s (both pictured above). And neither require me to buy a single thing! For next year, I’m itching to be favorite hot mess, Courtney Love.

So what about you? Are you into Halloween this year? What are you going as?

Photos: 1.) Sassy ‘n’ Punk, 2.) Philadelphia Weekly, 3.) All Movie Photo 4.) Moviescreens, 5.) Made To Travel

a different way to hard “boil” your eggs

Which in fact, isn’t boiling at all, hence the quotations.

Hard-boiling isn’t difficult, but I think popping them in the oven at 325 degrees F/163 degrees C for 25-30 minutes and an ice bath immediately afterwards is a little simpler (less cleanup!) and more straightforward, despite the slightly longer cook time. Also, I find that the shell peels off  much easier. The result is exactly the same – a hard-cooked egg ready for consumption.

Fun fact: This tip is brought to you by Alton Brown, whom I think is a food genius!


Update: 1.) You may notice brown spots on the egg shell – that’s completely normal and it washes right off,  2.) Works best on eggs that are a few days old.

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