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easter 2014

On Easter, the fam got together (sans Bob because he had to work, womp womp) for the annual Easter egg hunt, a yummy pasta dinner and lots of gabbing around the table.  It was a great time, most especially for … Continue reading

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a boy and his cape

For Easter, my sister hand-made the boys their very own capes. They were stoked, but there was no one more excited to wear his cape than Mason. Can you see why he is my very favorite subject to photograph? The … Continue reading

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click on these

Makeup for the girl on the go: 10 no-brush blushes. 20 healthy and tasty snack options to keep you going through the day. I love these minimalist icon posters of rock bands. See if you can figure out which bands are … Continue reading

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summer is coming

And I am exceedingly, extremely, awfully and plenty excited for it. I love the summer in all its sunny, sweaty glory. An upcoming trip to Vieques again is also on the horizon, so hooray for that. What I will not … Continue reading

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saturday night: the bad and the (kinda’) good

You wouldn’t know it by looking at these photos, but… Saturday night was kind of miserable. Why? Because of: 1.) Tension between good friends (awkward) 2.) Tension between a married couple (more awkward) 3.) Lots of tension all around really 4.) … Continue reading

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click on these

Billy Eichner asks New Yorkers, “Would you have sex with Paul Rudd for $1?“. So so funny. Attempted Heidi’s saag paneer last week week for dinner and it was wonderful. I subbed the spice mix with my own homemade garam … Continue reading

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jen’s birthday, told in orange-tinted pictures and short captions

This is how we model. Tyra, take note. Feliz Cumpleaños! Gift for Jen: a Heisenberg travel mug. Jen’s coworkers trying to get it together for a group pose. And still… And still! I’m tip-toeing in this picture. In which Bob … Continue reading

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