if you ever need a crowd-pleasing dip…

buffalo hummus

Then you should really make this buffalo hummus. Because it checks all the boxes:

√ Takes almost no effort
√ Quick to prepare (and even quicker to go!)
√ Nutritious
√ Full of flavor
√ Spicy
√ Tastier than store bought hummus
√ Impressive to guests
√Inexpensive ingredients

buffalo hummus 1

I pretty much made the exact recipe from Oh She Glows (hence no recipe on my blog, so check out the original source here), although I did add way more Frank’s Red Hot because…well, one tablespoon just wasn’t going to cut it for me. I’ve been on such a Frank’s Red Hot kick for the last year, I even carry it in a small container with me on the go sometimes. It really is great to have on hand.

I prepared it the night before a party. I had only ten minutes to spare before I had to go to bed (I say ‘had to’ because if I don’t get to bed at a certain time every night and Jules wakes me up for feedings in the middle of the night/early morning, I’m pretty much a zombie the next day). So, in a much simpler way, what I’m trying to say is: make this. It’s quick, simple and you’ll want to dip everything in it!

buffalo hummus 2

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