the easiest way to clean your makeup brushes

Sephora brush cleaner

Go out and buy a brush cleaner. The end.

I’m sorry if that was anticlimactic but I actually didn’t know this existed until a few months ago and it completely changed my world because until then I’d gone an embarrassingly long time without cleaning my makeup brushes. Like I don’t even want to tell you for fear of judgment, that’s how long. But when I did manage to clean them, the process was just…ugh. Like who sits at home and thinks, ‘I know what I’ll do with this free time – wash my makeup brushes!‘? If you are that type of person, bless your heart and you’re a much more productive person than I’ll ever be. If you’re not that type? Fist bump, I’m right there with you.

Also, waiting for the brushes to dry is like watching paint dry. Only you’re not watching, you’re waiting. So waiting for paint dry. Is that something people say? Bottom line, it can be a pain when you don’t have more than one of the same type of brush.

So I like shortcuts. I don’t mean to sound trite but since becoming a mother I have very little time so I like to use every bit that I have wisely and joyfully, if possible. Cleaning your brushes? Not the most joyful activity, so shortcut it is.


Enter the brush cleaner (I use Sephora’s Citrus Brush Cleaner, but there are a few others on the market that also have good reviews and are affordable to boot). You spray the product directly on a napkin or soft cloth and run the brush over the damp area using circular or windshield wiper motions. Watch the magic happen as all the grime transfers to the napkin. It’s oddly satisfying.

It dries quickly too. Smaller brushes may only take a few minutes, while thicker, denser brushes may take a little more time. My larger blush brush took less than an hour.

cleaning makeup brush

Of course, you can always DIY (and that may be the most economical option), but…why would you want to? #lifeisshort

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