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scrambled eggs

Creamy, dreamy scrambled eggs for a homemade Sunday brunch. 

Here’s a nice supersized clickable list for your pleasure. Because it’s Thanksgiving week and I’m feeling especially generous. And because I’m finding it somewhat difficult to get back into the whole blogging game and a “click on these” post is the easiest gateway into getting back in the saddle.  And because…why not?

  • Do you want to laugh? This’ll do the trick. And if you have a few extra minutes, see here for even more hilarity. Some of these had me dying.
  • The 4-year old who loved CVS so much, her birthday party was inspired by the drugstore. Cute.
  • Have you heard of Masterclass? I’m so intrigued by it. Here’s what happens when an accomplished writer takes a Masterclass from James Paterson.
  • I’m pretty much obsessed with Frank’s Red Hot right now, so these buffalo chicken bowls are calling out to me.

Happy (long) weekend!

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