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I was terribly excited to go pumpkin picking at Battleview Orchards in Freehold, NJ this year. Partly because it would be Juliette’s first time, partly because I was indisposed all summer and now I’m finally getting out a little more regularly. At last!pumpkins

We always have a great time during our annual family pumpkin picking festivities, but I especially loved it this year because we got to pick for apples too. And there’s something about picking fruit straight from the tree that makes it extra special. We also had some hot cider with freshly-baked apple cider doughnuts because if you’re going to be a fall cliché, you might as well embrace it. The doughnuts were warm, pillowy and just the right amount of sweet. In other words, so sooooo good. I’m still dreaming of them days later.

Now, a preview of Juliette’s Halloween costume. She’s going to be an ewok. And the most adorable one at that.

juliettekaren and bob


Bob and I kept reminding ourselves to take a picture with Jules on a pumpkin (because pumpkins + baby = can’t even handle that cuteness), but unfortunately she fell asleep against Bob in the carrier. Picking is hard work!

juliette sleeping

That little face! She’s the sweetest.

There were two main patches of pumpkins, but there were rows and rows of various types of apple trees: Winesaps, Fujis, Empires, Granny Smiths and Braeburns to name a few. The abundance of colorful apples were a gorgeous sight. Some were rich red, some bright green and some a lovely mixture of both.

fallen applesjaney and masebitten apple

All were absolutely delicious, by the way.





janey and karenjaney and mase2green


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  1. Angela says:

    Your baby has grown a lot!! She looks so sweet! That orchard is beautiful. You know this made me melancholy it brought memories of a distant past when we used to take our kids to an apple orchard in Iowa. Ohhh what fun we had, the place was full of people. We picked our own apples and pumpkins, went to the gift shop and on the side a small place to have homemade ice cream, apple dumplings and other goodies made a group of old ladies. Thanks for waking the memories inside my heart!

  2. Sophie says:

    Wow, fun timez!!! And what a beautiful family <3 Nothing beats spending time in nature with your loved ones. I need to get out more and soak this gorgeous season has to offer.

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