janey and tre’s brooklyn wedding

finallyA long time ago, I promised to post some pictures from my sister Janey’s wedding. I know you guys were holding your breaths for this ūüėČ so here they are. She finally sent me the pro pics the other day and they were¬†just to die for.¬†I’m really excited to share them with you.

downtown bk group 2To be quite honest, there were many many more pictures I wanted to show here, but I had to edit myself and only include my favorites. Here we go:

downton bk groupThe wedding party¬†met up at a boutique hotel in downtown Brooklyn (the room had a ¬†hammock!) and then drove to the couple’s¬†old neighborhood for some nostalgia and picture-taking. The ceremony and reception were at Deity, a gorgeous wedding hall in Boerum Hill.

fixing the bowtie


The guys looking sharp

the guys

…and they totally know it.

the guys 2

the boys3

The bride and groom looking lovely and so in love.janey tre 1


The ceremony was held in the loft, which was all red brick, twinkle lights and glossy wooden floors. It was just beautiful.

down the aisle 3

down the aisle 4
maid of honor

holding hands

tre family and friends

the ring

groom sisters

My dad giving a funny speech at dinner. I really had no idea he was quite the public speaker!
dad laughing magie

My nephew Mase tearin’ up the dance floor. He just gets better and better with age.


Someone get this kid on So You Think You Can Dance! (Side note: I reeeeeally didn’t care for the pointless¬†Stage vs. Street theme this year. Discuss?).mason2

We were all so fortunate to be part of this big moment in Janey and Tre’s awesome love story (and if you ever met them, then it’s guaranteed ‚ÄĒthose two¬†will be your favorite fun-loving couple).

5 responses to “janey and tre’s brooklyn wedding”

  1. rooth says:

    Aww I love it all and it looks like it was such fun, not that I would expect any less from your family

  2. Sophie says:

    Love your blog so much! Wish to see new posts more often but I know that you are busy with the baby. Keep up the great work and again, adore this blog immensely ~ It come across as very genuine with lots of clever ideas, recipes, tips and a fun glimpse of your life. Thank you for sharing. Big hugs from NC <3

    • Jillian says:

      Hi Sophie! Thank you so so much! I do hope to be posting more regularly again very soon. It’s tough getting back into the swing of things, you know?! But I do miss blogging :) I’m itching to getting back into picture-taking as well. I’m a little rusty, haha.

  3. Ashley says:

    MAN you are a pretty family!!!!! I love the huge YES mural ūüėÄ

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