the adjustment period

new kitchen

The new kitchen (as seen on Instagram)

While I don’t necessarily subscribe to the belief in zodiac signs, I have to say the personality traits of my sign are completely accurate. I’m a Taurus and I’m down-to-earth and extremely patient, but I’m also stubborn and very uncomfortable with change.

We moved in to the new apartment this weekend. It went well, for the most part. I say “for the most part” because, while the actual moving was quick,  the day was exhausting. We had a goal of unpacking pretty much everything that night, but unfortunately that just wasn’t possible. It was late and I was hungry, tired and cranky and our bedroom was cluttered with bags, boxes and loose shelves on the floor. What is that they say about your home reflecting your state of mind? It’s true because I went to bed that night feeling like the apartment looked—messy, frazzled and generally not in the right space.

old living room2

Our old living room, almost all packed.

But the next day I was feeling more energetic as was Bob, so we knocked out some more boxes and the place was starting to look less like a warehouse and more like a home. Even with that said, I was feeling very homesick, which was completely unexpected, especially since I’d been so ready to be done with our Astoria apartment just a few days prior. I was missing the old place and my routines. I missed knowing where everything was and feeling familiar with my surroundings.

And I can’t seem to find my hair brush anywhere. This bugs me.

But I know I’m just getting used to all of it. It’s an adjustment and it takes time. I know this. But I just need that time to sulk a bit. I need to get it out of my system. A stage of grief to go through, if you will.

old living room3

Next is the part where I break out of my Taurus bull-headed ways and make the best with what we do have: a bright and sunny kitchen to cook in, a normal-size refrigerator (for once!), a new car (thanks to a very very very generous family member on Bob’s side) among a dozen other things I’m grateful for (See? Maybe my stage of acceptance isn’t too far off. Progress).  I’ll have to take after the Aquarians out there and learn to be a little more flexible. Although my dad is an Aquarius and he is probably one of the least flexible people I know, so…there’s that. I probably take after him. After all, we do have a baby on the way and that will be another huge change that I’ll have to adjust to. Maybe this is all just preparing for me a different kind of life. After years of routine and order, it’s time for a little chaos.

But if I could only find that hair brush, maybe, just maybe, life would feel a little less unsettled right now.

old living room

6 responses to “the adjustment period”

  1. ashley says:

    You are completely justified in going through a grieving/adjustment period. This is true with any change. When I first moved to London and was SO READY to leave SD, I found myself missing SD when I first got to London. hahaha. But it’s perfectly normal for you to be grieving over your last apartment because it’s more than an apartment…it represents a phase of your life that you are now leaving behind. You have now literally moved into the next phase of your life. Trippy, but exciting.

    Look at me trying to be a psychologist like I know something about it! haha.

  2. rooth says:

    Moving is kind of The Worst but hey, new car isn’t so bad? Can’t wait to see pictures of everything all pulled together, which knowing you, will happen in no time

    • Jillian says:

      A new car will definitely be more convenient for us. Especially now that we live an area where most of the places we need to go to (grocery store, for example) are not within walking distance.

      I’m hoping to finally have everything settled by, say…next week! This might be wishful thinking on my part, but I’m up for a challenge! Thanks Ruth!

  3. Laura says:

    I always feel so out of whack after moving. It usually takes me about 2 weeks to feel like the new place is home, and that’s independent of my stuff being organized or not. It just takes time to adjust. I hope you feel more settled this weekend!

  4. Melissa says:

    Moving is definitely an inconvenience, but I hope that you are mostly settled now! Although I feel like it takes time to really figure out how to make a new space work for you – which can be a fun process. :) I’m sure you’re nesting instincts will kick in big time!

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