out with the old…

tying up the rug

We’re going to be leaving our Astoria apartment—assuming everything goes according to plan—by the end of the April. And since the apartment that we’ll be moving into hasn’t been lived in for a good amount of years, we’ve been spending our weekends at our future place, throwing out old furniture, posters and anything that Bob left when he moved out about 4 years ago. It’s an old apartment and we won’t be changing all that much to it, but the things that we will be changing, like the color of the walls and replacing some small furnishings, are going to make it feel fresh. We’re also going to hire people to give the place a deep scrubbing before we move in and this pleases me to no end. Moving into a squeaky clean home is going to feel so good.

transformers poster

Bob says I was way too happy to be throwing out his old posters. He was right.

sin city posterdoors poster

In the meantime, we did a pretty good job getting the place into shape and figuring out what was staying, going or heading into the basement for storage.



I started out really strong initially. I was going through old drawers and shelves, while asking Bob “Keep or trash?” It was mostly trash which I was thankful for, especially since Bob has a tendency to hold on to things that, in my opinion, aren’t worth holding on to. Then I started taking pictures of myself in a new pink lipstick that I’ve been wearing every day since I’ve bought it. I LOVE the color and how it really helps to liven up my face a little bit, especially when paired with my favorite Tarte blush (A bit off-topic here, but I kinda’ love giving out makeup recs). Then a few minutes later, my mid-afternoon nap because, you know…pregnancy. I crashed on his mother’s couch next door and woke up to find that Bob already did most of the work. Sweet.

booksBob’s old office and soon-to-be Bebop’s room. Before it was his office, it was his cousin’s room, whom at the time was just a baby, hence the baby blue walls and pastel accents. We’ll be leaving this room as is. UPDATE 03-13-15: we WILL be painting this room after all (which I’m terribly relieved about, if we’re being honest)!

But I came back with a renewed sense of energy and was ready for discussing my favorite topic – paint swatches! Shockingly, Bob and I quickly came to an agreement on colors. Now if we can just agree on a name for the baby…


We’ve made a lot of progress with the new place, but there’s still so much to do in the next few weeks. We’ve got piles of books and clothes for donations and garage sales. We have a perfectly good desk that Bob is dying to give away and a few other smaller things. But like I’ve said in previous post, it feels so freeing to start getting rid of stuff. Of course, we’ll acquire a bunch of new things with the baby, but we can at least enjoy a few weeks of our new home, clean and junk-free!

3 responses to “out with the old…”

  1. rooth says:

    Throwing out the old feels so therapeutic, doesn’t it? Which reminds me, gotta get on my spring cleaning as well

  2. ashley says:

    Whenever I visit NY again, let’s go raid the Milani section together :)

    2 bedroom place, huh? Yay! I’m excited for what’s to come! Maybe bebop should have the name of a Jazz great, because…well…bebop! ha.

    • Jillian says:

      Ha! Raiding the makeup section is an awesome idea :)

      And now you’ve given me an idea to start looking up jazzy lady names. Seriously getting on that. Thanks girl!

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