here’s what i liked about today (now yesterday)

hammock2An iced vanilla decaf latte that tasted like Haagen Dazs coffee ice cream. Good thing about a sweet drink like this is that you don’t even notice the difference between regular and decaf.

Bob is so “in the zone” when it comes to packing. He’s been doing a little bit every day and that makes me happy because the house is looking a little emptier now. I’m getting a taste for what minimalism is and I think I like it.

I squeezed in a few sets of squats and a long walk. I hear squats are supposed to make labor easier. Whether or not that’s true, my butt will at least look good by the end of it.

I worked from home today and just so you know I’m firmly in the “pajamas all day” camp.

I started jotting down a list of all the places in Astoria we have to go to before we move. Right now, it’s just “try that Italian place around the corner finally”. You’d think we’re moving across the country, but no we’re basically moving 15 minutes away. But I do love making lists, and so this bucket list is happening.

The light went out in the kitchen and I refuse to replace it because now that it stays light outside, I just open the shades and let the remaining sunlight in. I’m so chill about it and that’s very unlike me. Hey! Learning to live with less, is the moral of this story. Either that or my laziness has reached new levels.

After determining that Bob and I are going to be much too busy the weekend of our birthdays to do anything big or elaborate, we decided that we’re going to celebrate with dinner at Gato (just the two of us), which I’ve been dying to go to since it opened. I love Bobby Flay’s other restaurant, Bar Americain (get the bacon and caramelized onion pizza appetizer!) so I have high hopes for Gato.

A freshly-opened Dove bar soap. Nothing smells quite as good as soap fresh from the box.

3 responses to “here’s what i liked about today (now yesterday)”

  1. I hear wonderful things about Gato- that’ll be a good place for a bday celebration!

  2. rooth says:

    The sun being out makes me so absurdly happy – it just needs to not rain for the next few weeks for me to get my vitamin D levels up again. Best of luck with the move!

  3. Emily says:

    I’m not sure what helps labor pains besides an epidural (highly recommend!) 😉 .

    I’m all about natural light too ! I don’t turn on lights or lamps until it’s absolutely necessary in the evenings. Enjoy your celebration at Gato’s

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