24 weeks / 6 months

24 weeks

Me at 24 weeks. Also…me, right after a day at work, hence the disheveled hair (Okay, who am I kidding? My hair always look like that).

The little one has started kicking around so hard and so frequently that it now keeps me from sleeping. Tuesday night, I woke up around 3ish in the morning and she was having her usual kicking party in there. Bob was up too and he played her Life On Mars? in an attempt to lull her to rest (so I could rest!)  and it worked. There was no movement from her after the song finished so we figured she must have enjoyed her David Bowie lullaby, which can only mean that she has great taste in music.

That said, I’m still so fascinated when Bebop moves around. I don’t ever get tired of feeling her jerky movements on my hands or staring at my belly.

Speaking of which, I took the video below last night and finally caught the baby moving. It’s crazy! You might be amazed or you might be skeeved out. Personally, I’m a little of both. You can mute the video (unless you’d like to hear a clip of Parenthood playing in the background).

At 21 weeks, I went to get a detailed anatomy sonogram and we saw her hiccuping which was probably the CUTEST THING EVER. I mean, she’s so small so the hiccups were forcing her whole body to jump and gosh, it was just so adorable.

That same day, we saw Rachel Dratch at Shake Shack on the Upper East Side, which happened to be the week of SNL’s 40th anniversary. She seemed very kind. She happily posed for pics with fans and offered some spare seats at her table to a woman with her young son. Not pregnancy-related, but I thought it was worth mentioning anyway.

Can I get a little goopy on you right now? I am psyched to have Bob as my partner. He is fun, intelligent, open-minded and is always there for his friends and family. I am confident he will be an amazing father and role model to our daughter.

OMG it still hits me when I say things like “our daughter”.

21 weeks

Bebop at 21 weeks. Now that’s what I call perfect head!

My sense of smell is so heightened that it’s distracting. I can barely walk the streets without the constant smell of car fumes up my nose. It’s pretty awful. It’s come to the point where I’ll take the longer, less populated route just to avoid cars and traffic. Ditto to avoid cigarettes.

What’s up with the constant breaking out on one side of my face? Acne medication is discouraged so I’ve been relying heavily on concealer when I have a particularly large pimple to disguise. It does the job (thank you, Kat Von D tattoo concealer!), but still…no bueno.

Oh hi boobs that weren’t there before! You can stick around for a while.


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