valentine’s day 2015


Valentine’s Day usually isn’t usually a big to do around here, but I have to admit I’ve come around to liking this holiday more and more each year. Not only is it yet another day to celebrate the love in our lives, but also… flowers! Even after all these years of being together, Bob still gets me the most gorgeous arrangement of flowers. It can sound generic to those who are generally loatheful of all things V-day, but I love the gesture. The flowers are always different from the usual red roses (which I’m not a big fan of anyway. Pretty, but too typical) and arranged in some cool way. Last year, I got creepy-beautiful branches in my arrangement and this year I got ombre roses in test tubes. So cool! We go out to eat almost every weekend, so for a special night, I decided to buy us some thick steaks, potatoes and brussels sprouts and make it a night-in dinner. Peanut butter brownies for dessert. Bob seasoned the steaks because he insisted on his own spice blend. I handled the rest. And it was a great night because dinner came out so delicious and we didn’t have to brave the below zero wind chills outside.

Side note: Seriously, the weather in New York right now is ridiculous. I’m honestly angry about it.


Big portion for a big guy.dinner

I omitted the sprouts on mine since pregnancy has made me averse to it. But I had a nice big salad to make up for my lack of greens. Also, a ramekin for my ketchup because I hate when it touches my other my food.

My amateur swirl skills.peanut butter brownies

I made sure to plan some super healthy dinners to make up for a super-indulgent weekend. It’s all about the balance :)

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