6 favorite drugstore natural skincare products

6 amazing and effective natural skincare products - all from the drugstore

1. Gud from Burt’s Bees Natural Body Lotion

This stuff smells so delicious, I slather it on like it’s going out of style. Any scent in the line smells heavenly, but Vanilla Flame is the winner in my book.  It softens and moisturizes moderately dry skin well, but mostly I love it for its quick absorption and, of course, how fantastic-smelling it is. I’d say this line is very comparable to the Bath & Body Works Lotion line, only with better-for-you ingredients like shea butter and fruit extracts. If you apply Vanilla Flame before bed, your bed sheets will smell like cake in the morning and it is a-mazing!

2. Yes To Grapefruit Even Skin Tone Moisturizer With SPF 15

This face moisturizer is a favorite because it’s inexpensive, 97% natural, contains SPF and don’t feel heavy or greasy. All of these components are hard to find at the drugstore and yet—there they are in one 1.4 oz. package. The formula is on the lighter side so I prefer to use it during the warmer months, as the harsh winter calls for something a bit more heavy-duty (see #3!). My only gripe would be the sour grapefruit scent, which I’ve grown accustomed to but can see being an issue for some. If that is the case, any of the other face lotions in the Yes To line should suit your fancy (Carrots comes unscented).

3. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Not really a drugstore product, but it’s easy to find and it’s priced cheap so I lumped it in here with the rest. Due to its composition, coconut oil has been shown to improve and soften skin and I, for one, have reaped its benefits. Since I’ve replaced my daily moisturizer with coconut oil for the winter, I haven’t had any issues with flakiness on my dry cheeks. I apply twice daily, once after I wash my face at night and  again in the morning and that keeps my face moisturized all day sans the greasiness you’d expect from an oil. Is it really the miracle product that everyone says it is? I think so! You can even use it as deep conditioner for hair. Just look at the abundance of other uses for it here. Genius.

4. Yes to Cucumbers Hypoallergenic Facial Towelettes

For those nights when I’m too lazy to wash my face before bed, these wipes do the trick of quickly and efficiently removing my makeup, while leaving my face with that refreshing just-washed feeling. I’ve tried several drugstore brands that claim to effectively remove makeup, but these are the best at actually doing it. It’s great at removing water-resistant mascara and it does so with safe and gentle ingredients. The scent is light and fresh and not at all cloying or perfume-y.

5. Burts Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter, Unscented

Hang on before you dismiss this one as a pregnancy-only product. Sure, I use it to prevent stretch marks from my growing belly, but it’s also a hydrating yet lightweight body butter for any part of the body. It’s unscented, contains shea butter and vitamin E so it’s the perfect no-nonsense formula for those who just like to keep it simple. Bonus: it’s cheaper, but just as good as the more popular The Body Shop butters.

6. Egg Yolks

An unusual item to put on a list of drugstore skincare products, but technically, you can find eggs at the drugstore and it can be used on your skin (it has been for ages). I’m not a fan of buying food just to slather on your face (way too expensive and I’d rather eat it than wear it), BUT if I’m making something in which I omit an egg yolk , I’ll pop that sucker into a container and refrigerate for later use as a moisturizing face mask. Waste not, want not. Yolks contain vitamins A, B2 and plenty of protein which work wonders on inflamed skin and nourishes and protects from free radical damage. I might look insane with literal egg on my face, but my skin always feels and looks supremely soft and smooth afterward. Worth it!

You can try the many variations of the yolk mask here, but I prefer to keep it cheap and simple with the one below:

Simple Egg Yolk Mask

1 egg yolk, separated from whites and beaten

Spread a thin layer of yolk over clean, makeup-free face with your hands or a brush.
Leave on for about 15 minutes or until it dries completely.
Rinse off thoroughly.


6 responses to “6 favorite drugstore natural skincare products”

  1. rooth says:

    Okay you’re totally going to laugh at me but I use that coconut oil to condition Ryon’s mane and tail in the summertime 😛 It works too! His hair is super shiny and thick

  2. Elisa says:

    If I still lived in the US, I would get in the car and for to Target, and buy one of each product featured here, because I am always looking for affordable natural skin care that works, and patience is not my strongest train 😉

    I cannot do that, but I will say that I absolutely agree with the lumping of coconut oil together with the rest – lump away! It is the best makeup remover EVER, leaves my skin soft and moisturized and I absolutely love it. Now I keep a tub in my bathroom just for skincare and such :-)

  3. ashley says:

    I LOVE the Yesto products! Got the carrot moisturizer long ago while I was in the UK, and it’s still been my favorite moisturizer I’ve used. NEVER makes me break out, and no weird ingredients!

  4. Ice Pandora says:

    Waaahh, you can buy eggyolks in drugstores?
    Impossible in my country haha 😛
    Except in supermarkets. Anyway nice
    favorite drugitems! Xx http://icepandora.blogspot.com

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