20 weeks

20 weeks

Not the most flattering angle, but it was the only way to keep my mess of an apartment out of the photo. My place has been looking a little tragic these days.


Everyone kept telling me, one day you’ll pop. And at exactly 20 weeks—the half way point—I did just that. Suddenly, it was like, whoa belly, where have YOU been? It no longer looks bloated or full, it looks pregnant.

I tell people I’ve hit the sweet spot now. I’m no longer nauseous and I can eat almost all the foods I enjoyed before, thank goodness. Aside from my face breaking out and the occasional  fatigue, it’s been smooth sailing during the second trimester. Fingers crossed I didn’t just jinx  myself for saying that.

I do have to say that while pregnancy is exciting and gives me warm feelings, it also feels incredibly weird, physically. This belly is growing and while that’s a great sign of things progressing as they should, it’s just so…heavy, sometimes. Getting out of bed or bending down is already becoming surprisingly difficult! There are times when I think to myself, how the hell am I supposed to carry this kid in my body when she grows to the size of a small melon? I can’t even fathom it. For now, I’ll keep pep-talking myself, This is completely natural. My body is made for this. My belly button is forming some odd shapes too. I expect I’ll have an outie at some point, which kind of freaks me out a bit.

This week, I’m scheduled for a detailed anatomy scan, which basically means I’ll have about a 30-minute ultrasound, in which all the baby’s organs are going to be examined carefully to make sure everything is growing and functioning properly. I expect a good report, but I always go into these things a little anxious because…well, you never know. I’m also hoping that we get a nicer sonographer this time around and not the terrible one we got a few weeks ago. I swear, this woman was the most miserable person I’ve encountered at this office. Listen, I don’t expect cheeriness from everyone I meet, but there was not an ounce of warmth or enthusiasm from her. It was as if everything she told us (i.e. “the heart looks good”, “it’s a girl”) took so much of an effort for her to say and when she did say it, it was barely audible. Like I said, new sonographer please!

One of the perks of being pregnant is how accommodating people are. They’ll offer you the cushiest seat in their home or make sure that you get dibs on all the leftover food. On the other hand, it also brings out the strangest questions. I went to a work dinner on Friday night and in front of everyone, one of my coworkers asked, “So are you getting a lot of gas now?!” Um…WHAT? I’ve gotten a few other weird comments, but nothing really outrageous.  Most people mean well so it doesn’t bother me too much, but it does leave me wondering, Did you really just say that out loud?  That said, I’d love to know if you received any slightly inappropriate or off-color comments when/if you were pregnant. Do tell! I feel like this could get fun.

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  1. Svenja says:

    You look awesome!! Such a nice Belly 😀

    One of the things i got asked a lot was, “Are they natural or via IVF?” Since i have twins. Sorry but that question from a total stranger is kind of weird. I will not discuss my fertility or infertility with someone i just met! :)

    Can’t wait for more pics.


  2. rooth says:

    Yay I definitely noticed the cute belly when you took photos of your dad’s bday. I’m glad you’re no longer nauseated and I would be on the same page as you, marveling over every weird thing that my body would be doing. Keep us posted please and you’re looking so good

    • Jillian says:

      Yes, the changes your body goes through is kind of surreal. I’ve even noticed that my rib cage has spread to accomodate the belly. Now THAT feels weird! Thank you so much Ruth.

  3. Sarah D says:

    I think we have almost the exact same due date! It’s so good to hear someone else say they already feel so “heavy”. I can’t imagine how I’ll feel at 40 weeks. Getting up from the floor or the couch is a chore already.

    • Jillian says:

      Isn’t it crazy though? I thought it was actually unusual for me to feel that way at only 5 months, but it’s great to know someone else is going through the same thing!

  4. ashley says:

    You are a cute pregnant lady, and I knew you would be :)

    My friends that have been pregnant made remarks about being touched all the time, specifically on the belly. Some liked it, some hated it. I will tell you that I have the inclination to touch a pregnant lady’s belly when I see one, but I tend not to touch strangers bellies!

  5. angela says:

    Congratulations!!!! What a beautiful time in woman’s life. Enjoy this precious time.

  6. Maddy says:


    I have been in my own little haze of busyness lately and haven’t been reading ANY blogs at all and today I finally start catching up and YOU’RE HAVING A BABYYYY. I’m so excited for you, person I don’t know! Haha. I hope that comes across in the least creepy way possible.

    But really, that’s so wonderful. I’m sure you’re exhausted and blogging is the last thing on your mind, but I can’t wait to follow along on this new journey!

    ps – Bebop is possibly the cutest pre-baby baby name I’ve ever heard.

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