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Bob and I had the most amazing summer, going out and enjoying ourselves every chance we got. I figured we’d continue our fun streak into the winter, but lately we’ve been such homebodies and only going out to catch a movie or quick dinner on the weekends. But I think we’d both had enough of our hibernation because last weekend, we eagerly made plans to visit The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Neither of us had been in a while and since the weather was cold and wet, being inside looking at art all day sounded ideal. I mistakenly thought, now that’s it’s after New Year’s and all the tourists are clearing out, it’ll be nice and empty. Wrong. Still as packed and touristy as ever! But it didn’t bother me. Crowded or not, The Met is a huge museum filled with beautiful, thought-provoking art and I can enjoy that either way. Realistically, this place is probably never not crowded, but it’s for good reason.


It’s difficult to see the entire museum in one visit, so we made sure to get around to collections that we hadn’t seen before or that we hadn’t seen in a long time. The Renaissance art and stained glass windows stood out to me the most this time around. I could stare at stained glass windows all day. They are just so amazing to look at.



Also worth mentioning (though sadly not pictured), a phenomenon Bob likes to call Art Butts. The abundance of bare butts in art. True story (and you know it).
lookingthick layers

Bob’s favorite Pollack.pollack

 It was such a nice day. Having not done something like this for a while made it that much sweeter.  It brought me back to our old dating days when we’d spend hours in the city just walking, talking, eating and experiencing everything New York had to offer. In those days, we’d meet up early and stay out late until we were both bone-tired. I never wanted to go home because I wanted to make the most of our time together (in the early days, we only saw eachother about once a week). Although things are slightly different now, especially now that we live together, they’re still just as fun and the exhaustion at the end of the day feels just as good!

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