everyone called it but me

We’re having a GIRL!

18 weeks

 Me at 18 weeks. I’ve reached the point of leggings all day, everyday. Note to self: buy maternity clothes.

It’s what everyone predicted. Well, almost everyone. I’m SO EXCITED.

On my mind right now: girls’ names, tiny polka dotted onesies (already bought one), how I’m going to deal with getting little to no sleep once she’s born, the perils of breastfeeding (cracked nipples?!), the stress of having to switch doctors if I move to Jersey (which is what’ll probably definitely happen – more on this soon!), who she will look most like, who she will be, what kind of mother I’ll be, the first time she smiles, how cute she’ll look right after her bath when she’s all snuggled up and getting dry in her terrycloth robe (I’m weirdly most excited for that).


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