christmas 2014


Happy New Year! It is a happy one, isn’t it? I’m definitely feeling 2015. But that’s probably because I came into the new year newly ENGAGED. Yes! On Christmas Eve morning, while still in my pjs and sitting on the couch, Bob asked me if I wanted to open up one of my gifts early. Of course I said yes and unwrapped a large handmade scrapbook. On the first page, was the most heart-meltingly beautiful letter I’ve ever read. Tear-inducing! And when I looked up, there was Bob sitting next to me and holding up the most gorgeous ring. Needless to say, I happily and excitedly accepted his proposal. People often ask me if I knew it was coming and I always say no way. Sure, we’ve discussed marriage for years but I always assumed a proposal would come sometime in the far-off future. It was always one of those things that I knew would happen eventually, but when the time actually came, I was completely caught off-guard! I love this guy, I really do. I’m sure that goes without saying, but sometimes you just need to put it out there. He truly is my favorite person.

Can you tell I’m still floating in the clouds?

tree and ring

Anyway, onto the Christmas day festivities. You know the story by now: tons of food, laughs, kids impatiently waiting to open their gifts and few rousing rounds of my new favorite party game Heads Up. Christmas was extra special this year for many reasons, but one being that I had a really great time giving gifts to the family this year. I carefully thought about each person I’d be giving to and shopping early really afforded me that.  I love getting the ol’, “this is exactly what I wanted/needed!” It’s just a good feeling to know you’re making someone’s day. I’ll have to make note of this for years to come: Start thinking about Christmas gifts in October. Earlier if possible!

the boys

sis and sis in lawmilesme and bobdinner2dinner

bob, tre and janeyheads up

tiny village

I’d declared early on in 2014 that it would be the year of new things and that was completely accurate. I experienced cool things like helicoptor rides, a Color Run and kayaking in the Hudson. I started writing my thoughts in a journal, which has helped me clear the clutter in my mind. I started looking for my first home purchase (and we’re thisclose to getting it!). I reconnected with some family that I’d been out of touch with for a few years. I improved my eating habits, thus improving my health and mood.  I got enagaged!

So…2015! Like I said, it’s going to be a good one. I’m actually really excited about it, more excited than I’ve been for any other year. I have a few major things coming up, but I’ll fill you in on all that later. For now, I hope all of your holiday celebrations were full of happiness and good memories!

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