two days of turkey


What’s better than Thanksgiving?

TWO Thanksgivings, of course.

Also, Christmas! Christmas is my FAVORITE of all. But Thanksgiving, you come in second and that ain’t half bad.

me, janey and victoria

This year, turkey day started out on a low point when we discovered mold in our coat closet. So we packed up our coats into a bag and hauled our load to Bob’s grandmother’s house to do laundry (womp, womp). Good news is we were going there anyway, so it wasn’t too much of an inconvenience. Now the super is talking about knocking down our closet to see if there’s a burst pipe causing the moisture. Ugh. First off, why is there a pipe in our closet? Second, get me out of this apartment already.

Anyway. We had a lovely 5-course meal, which I completely forgot to photograph. So no pics of that. But trust me, it was yummy. We chatted for a few hours around the table until I felt lethargic and made my way over to the couch with my jeans unbuttoned. I was basically a Thanksgiving cliche. It was wonderful.

bob sleeping

Bob after dinner.

The next day, we had a Thanksgiving after Thanksgiving at my parents’ place. It was a lot of fun. My aunt and cousins showed up which doesn’t happen often, so it was great to see some fresh faces in the mix.


Sisters in the middle, brothers at the ends. To be clear, not our brothers but our cousins.


My dad had a ginormous spread of food: turkey with gravy, sweet potato souffle, fresh cranberry sauce, meat stuffing, avocados, salad, arroz con gandules and pasteles. Needless to say, it was difficult to move afterward. We all felt like stuffed turkeys.


Mason doing the robot, plus some aggressive krump moves that he’s super into these days.

mason doing the robot

Then, my cousin’s girlfriend’s adorable daughter Victoria sang a few renditions of Let It Go. She gets so into it!

victoria singing

And finally, the pair joined forces to dance to some hip hop. They’re the cutest.


This was a riveting game of Heads Up, which is pretty much the best party game ever. If you haven’t played it yet, you need break it out at your next shindig. It’s guaranteed fun when you play with a few people. We couldn’t stop laughing at ourselves. Think: Charades meets Taboo.

heads upI have no idea what we were acting out here. ↑

Last week as a whole was a really good one. The work week was short, we had two great Thanksgivings and I managed to shop for half the people on my list without spending tons of money and without stepping foot in an actual store. I’m actually pretty impressed with myself and have decided that I shall do ALL of my Christmas shopping online this year. Bob’s mother reminded me of this website she’s been using called Ebates which I HIGHLY recommend for anyone doing their holiday shopping online. In short, you make back a percentage of cash whenever you log in to the site and then click and shop in stores like Target, Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, etc.  I’ve already made back about $6, although the check doesn’t arrive until Feb 2015 (I believe the checks are distributed quarterly, but don’t quote me on that!). Six bucks is small, but it’s something! I’ve still got more shopping to do so I expect to bring that number up a bit. So yes, Ebates! If you’re interested in joining (no catch, it’s completely free to join), then sign up through this referral link here. Full disclosure, I get cash back for anyone who signs up via my link. It’s up to you. Happy shopping peeps!

How was your turkey (tofurkey?) day?

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  1. ashley says:

    Turkey day was good as we tried smoking a turkey this time (delicious).

    I love that picture of Bob sleeping in the chair–perfect Thanksgiving picture!

  2. rooth says:

    Turkey day was great and I’m slightly jealous that you got to have two. You must have been extra good this year. I’m slightly panicking about Xmas this year. I’m more behind than I usually am… in shopping and cards and everything else!

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