the hunt for a wedding dress (for the sis!)


I always see how much fun the families have on Say Yes to the Dress but you never really know until you experience it yourself. It’s so much fun and even more so when you can be involved in picking out the potential dresses. Me, my sister Janey, her mother, her best friend and my mother met up at Glamour Closet, a small bridal sample sale shop  in Chelsea. I haven’t ever been wedding dress shopping before this, BUT I think I can safely say that the staff at this place is top-notch. They are warm, friendly, cheerful, helpful, patient, not pushy (so important!)….basically everything you want your bridal salesperson to be. The experience here was tremendous. I can’t say enough good things about it. In fact, we promised to leave some glowing (well-deserved) reviews on Yelp which I have yet to do. Need to get on that.

So we only had one instruction from the bride-to-be: no poufy ball gowns.


So off we went to “pin” the dresses that we wanted to see Janey in. Did I already tell you how much fun this was?


Meet the judges (minus one!).


And the contenders! Cue the upbeat pop music you have yourself an awesome fitting room montage.

dresses 1 and 2

dresses 3 and 4


dresses 5 and 6

Then, we found this delicate, ethereal gown that just flowed gorgeously when it moved. I don’t think Janey allowed herself to fall in love with it until our salesgirl Joyce  told us, “The price of this dress is ridiculously good. Unheard of even!”. We all kind of looked at her somewhat incredulously and asked her what exactly was this fantastic price was. As soon as she said it, the tears started flowing and the cheering ensued. The price was just unbelievable for a dress that looked like a million bucks. Afterwards, we brunched (couldn’t stop talking about The Dress), went to an appointment at David’s Bridal (still couldn’t get our minds off The Dress) and came back absolutely positive that The Dress was The Dress. I’ll have to wait to post the pic on her wedding day next May, but for now just believe me when I say it’s so pretty.

Oh, hi.


Next year we’re gearing up for a ton of wedding bashes, including my sister’s and three other friends. All around the same time, no less. But I have to say I’m most excited for Janey’s—and why wouldn’t I be? It’s going to be a gorgeous, nontraditional affair and I get to be a part of it (plus, I get to pick out my own bridesmaid dress, so there’s that). Bring on wedding season!

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