a very late post about halloween and scary movies


I feel like I’ve passed that window to blog about Halloween. Everyone’s kind of over it by now and ready for the next holiday (Thanksgiving! One of my faves), but I figured I’d be that kid in class that misses the assignment, but totally makes up for it by handing in said assignment before the semester ends. Did they allow you to do that in school? In my case, it depended on the teacher, but if you were one of those kids who never did homework and then made up them all up in one week at the end of the term, then my hat’s off to you. No really. Because doing all that in one week takes some serious focus. I was always the one that missed about 2 or 3 homeworks and when it came down to making them up, it turned out to be such a pain because every assignment focused on different topics. Some of which were almost completely gone from my head at that point.


Anyway. Halloween.

I wasn’t super into Halloween this year, but since my sister was throwing my nephew Jaxon a Halloween-themed 5th birthday party, I figured I’d get into the spirit of things. But with minimal effort, of course. So I whipped out my black and white striped top, Bob’s fingerless gloves, a ski cap, a mask (made from Bob’s old skip cap) and came out as bandit. Cost: $0. That’s how I roll.

Going through handbags (as thieves do).

mepick pockets

But the kids. The kids are really the spectacles of the party anyway. Superheroes, vampires, monsters…costumes just look especially adorable on the little ones.

cat miles2

A riveting game of Freeze Dance.freeze dance 3freeze dancefreeze dance2

My vote for best dressed. So cute! ↓


Our entire weekend was almost entirely consumed by aspects of Halloween. Friday night, Bob and I spent the night watching the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Shawn of the Dead. Bob has this yearly tradition of watching his favorite horror films on Halloween that he’s absolutely strict about. It has to happen on Halloween. And since I live with the guy, I’m kind of roped into it too. But I don’t mind as long as the movie isn’t going to terrify me. I could deal with slasher flicks and blood and guts, but ghost stories, demons and creepy possessed children, just NO. I can’t. I couldn’t sleep for weeks after watching The Ring. The visual of sewer girl coming out of the television will forever be burned into my brain. You know what’s an underrated horror film (underrated as in, not really considered horror)? Fire in the Sky. I remember watching it when I was 10 and that was the first movie that legitimately freaked me the eff out. I had nightmares about being snatched from my home by aliens so that they could perform painful and torturous experiments on me. I was even more horrified when I learned from a friend that  it was based on a true story. Um, excuse me? NO. Why would you say this to me?


Anyway, we loaded up on all sorts of candy and junk food that lasted us through Sunday. I’m not usually big on candy but I was gobbling up the stuff like crazy that weekend. The power of the almighty and addictive Kit Kat. But! It’s Halloween and it’d be silly not to eat lots of candy. This is what I told myself.

happy birthday happy birthday2

Going back to scary movies for a minute: I’d love to know what’s the absolute most horrifying movie you’ve ever seen? Like gave-you-nightmares-and-had-to-sleep-with-the-lights-on-for-weeks scary? I’ll be sure to file them into my “I will never watch this” movie list. It’s a long list.

6 responses to “a very late post about halloween and scary movies”

  1. rooth says:

    I’m glad you shared your Halloween birthday party pics with us because the kids are ADORABLE (and so is your costume). Better late than never?

  2. ashley says:

    The Shining and Exorcist did a number on me when I was young. I’m like you–the demonic/alien/ghost stories make me lose lots of sleep!! Arggh.

    Your outfit is cute, especially for costing $0! Mine cost nothing as well *high five*

    • Jillian says:

      I’ve actually never seen The Shining, but I have seen The Exorcist. I watched it when they re-released it a few years ago. I have to say, I wasn’t all that terrified by it. I think it’s because all the special effects were so outdated at the time. I feel like I might have been scared if I would’ve seen it as a kid. But yeah, The Shining is actually on my must-see list! Hahaha! I hear the book is even more disturbing.

  3. All Genres says:

    I love halloween movies they are my favs !

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