thoughts in list form + the beach in october

 unprotected beachGreat Kills Park in Staten Island.

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I didn’t mean to not blog for 3 weeks, but…hey, that’s what happened. No specific reason either, just general life busyness and for that last week, sheer laziness. After a busy and supercharged summer, this fall has been relatively uneventful, but I’m kind of digging the low-keyness of it. It’s been relaxing, peaceful and it feels needed.

boots on the sand

Officially boot season.

Despite the uneventfulness, let’s get into a few random updates and thoughts anyway. Because it’s been weeks!

I loathe our upstairs neighbors. They just moved in about two weeks ago and already they’re driving me crazy with their guitar-playing (the same song over and over and OVER) and loud stompiness (seriously, it’s like there’s lead in those boots) at all hours.

We’ve had leaks in the bathroom and a possible leak in the coat closet. The bathroom drains have been clogging up like crazy. I have nowhere to put my new blender, so it sits on the counter, which of course uses up precious cooking space. Not only are we outgrowing this apartment, but it’s like the place is now rejecting us. It’s almost like it knows, we’re over it already.


My friend Jen has a thoughtful moment by the water.

That said, we still have our eyes firmly set on our moldy little dream home. But there have been no developments. We’re in this position right now where we’re just waiting to hear back on an adjusted price, so right now we’re just twiddling our thumbs while all the behind-the-scenes stuff gets figured out.

I had these fried alligator bites for the first time at a place called Bayou in Staten Island. Damn tasty. File under: Tastes Like Chicken.

TV stuff (spoiler-free!): I’m so impressed with Walking Dead this season. The first episode was explosive—literally and figuratively—and the second was full of a crazy amount of tension. Can’t even handle what’s about to happen. Sons of Anarchy, also very tension-filled. Any second, I’m like he’s going to find out the truth, he’s going to find out the truth. But then…no. I bet they’re saving up that doozy for finale. I’ve been marathoning Gilmore Girls on Netflix and I’ve been LOVING it. Now that I’m older, I get a lot more of the pop-culture references and I find my opinions on some characters have changed slightly. I actually understand Emily now (not when she’s trying to break up Luke and Lorelai though). And there’s all these before-they-were-celebrity cameos, like Jon Hamm and Nick Offerman that I’m spotting every now and again. Random!


It may be cold here, but the flowers are still a cheery shade of summer.

I am absolutely determined to not get sick this year. I’ve already ordered a pack of Vitamin D3 tablets and am looking into the benefits of elderberry syrup and fire cider. I felt a bit scratchy in the throat yesterday (this is how it always starts), so I had soup for lunch and dinner, drank copious amounts of water and washed my hands a record number of times. Today the scratchiness is gone, thank goodness. I am not getting sick this year, I am not getting sick this year, I am not getting sick this year… If I say it enough times, then it won’t happen, right?

I’m not into Hallowen this year, though I’ll be attending my nephew’s birthday/costume party this weekend. Bob told me there was some girl on Jimmy Fallon the other night that said she wore a shirt that said “Life” on it and then handed out lemons, as her lazy Halloween costume. So clever!  I love it. I want a cool/lazy/cheap idea like that. Got any suggestions? I do have a backup costume planned, but I can still be convinced to do something else 😉

verrazanoSouth Beach, Staten Island (and the Verrazano in the distance)

8 responses to “thoughts in list form + the beach in october”

  1. rooth says:

    Ugh still nothing on the house?! That’s frustrating. This season just blew by me… it’s getting cooler outside and my body is all – what is going on!! I’m trying desperately not to get sick as well which means bundling up way too much for how warm it is outside but they seriously need to fix the A/C in this joint so it’s not frigid

    • Jillian says:

      I’ve started taking extra vitamin D because I’ve heard that it’s very effective at keeping you cold/flu-free. I’ll let you know how that works out!

  2. ashley says:

    I’m trying to avoid Gilmore Girls (STARING AT ME) in Netflix, because I know I’ll waste too much time! 😀 I’m sure I’ll give in soon…

    As for Halloween, I’m going cheap and painting my face like a skeleton…presto! Instant costume!

    • Jillian says:

      My sister had actually suggested doing a face-painting costume but I always wonder, isn’t it going to feel super uncomfortable with all that stuff on your face? I just have this memory of one of my friends who had painted her face for a vampire costume and by the end of the night, the makeup was all dry and crackly. lol.

  3. Jamillah says:

    Whaaaaat!? No house yet!? Shut up!

    • Jillian says:

      I knooooooow. It’s definitely frustrating at this point. I mean, I remember talking to you about this in the summer and feeling like we were thisclose to getting it.

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