summer 2014 photo album (aka a shamelessly indulgent blog post)

central park

Central Park

Just like that, summer is officially over. It was such a good one though. No, actually it was more than that. It was fun, it was fast-paced, it was…fantastic. And as a tribute to the summer of 3 F’s, I still have some reminiscing to do:

Littlest nephew laughed at balloons…and turned 1!



Ran Walked the Brooklyn Color Run with my friend Val. Had blue armpits for days.

color run

Leisurely strolled through parks, including the massive and beautiful Flushing-Meadows park in Corona.

flushing meadows

And of course, almost-daily visits to Astoria Park. I am so going to miss this place the most when we move. triboro bridge

Took awkward pictures with my nephews while we were there.

astoria park with the boys

My grandmother flew in from Puerto Rico. Evidence right here (ooooh yeah).

rice and plantains

Surprise birthday parties for old friends.

sonia and mom


big apple bbq

More barbecues.

grilling eggplant

Fireworks for the fourth of July. Naturally.


Took flight over the city! I loved being the “co-pilot”. It was the coolest experience.


For the first time in 7  1/2 years, both our families (mine and Bob’s) came together for dinner at our favorite steak place, DeStefano’s. It was relaxed, easy-going and everyone got along swimmingly. Thank goodness 😉


Spotted Zelda the turkey in Battery Park a few times. She’s such a beauty. And so casually aloof to the people around her.


Caught some free outdoor performances.

dance performance

Did the Charleston at the Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governors Island.



Went back to Governors Island to ride bikes, explore and have good clean (recyclable) fun. Spot a fuzzy One World Trade in the distance!


Cut my hair into a long bob and loved it. Toying with the idea of going shorter. Maybe next year though. As someone who loathes going to the salon, I try to keep my visits to the hairstylist to a minimum.


 Played with this cutie. She’s calmed down some since her wild puppy days. But she’s still a little nutty…in the most fun and adorable way ever.



Started house-hunting in New York but found something promising in New Jersey. (The house pictured below isn’t our prospective home. It was a beautiful place, but way out of our price range.)

house hunting


Discovered one of the best New York egg creams I’ve ever had at Eddie’s Sweet Shop in Forest Hills. As a person who feels very strongly for egg creams, this was a seriously momentous occasion for me.

egg cream

And most importantly, we laughed our asses off. Here, Janey was telling me, “Tears! Look! Actual tears in my eyes!”


Summer 2014, you were just swell.

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