labor day bbq 2014


Is Labor Day weekend the end of summer? No no no, I refuse to believe this. Bob and I have arguments about it. I say, It ain’t over ’til it’s over! and he says, Labor Day is the unofficial end to summer. Get over it. This week is going to be a hot one so I think this helps my case a lot. And the peaches. There are still peaches at the market! Summer is, for now, here to stay. Let’s enjoy it.

the men

Unless, of course, you’re going back to school. Then yeah, it’s over for you babe. Sorry.


If you haven’t guessed by the title, these are my Labor Day pics. Correction, it’s two days prior. My mom and dad had a bbq, which mostly means my dad makes hamburgers and hot dogs for lunch and then dinner is rice, corn and roast pork, which is made indoors. But we eat it outside, so it’s still legit.


me and janey2me and janey1





janey and jax

white sangria


Not pictured: the amazing peach and raspberry pie we brought from Astor Bake Shop (wow), breaking my no-alcohol streak with a glass of homemade sangria (no regrets), the crazy aggressive bees that tormented us for a good hour and the adorable bunny family that made a home in the neighbor’s bushes. It might be the last outdoorsy family get-together we have for a while, but it was good one to go out on. We laughed a lot, ate a lot, played with the neighbor’s adorable dog Sophie and just plain ol’ had a good time with good company. It went too quickly! Just like the long weekend. Just like my favorite season.

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