a portable crockpot that’s nifty for the office

Portable crockpot - perfect for offices

Occasionally, there’s a product I love so much that I feel the need to gush about it here. And for the record, no not a sponsored post. I just really dig this thing. It’s a portable food warmer that heats your food about 2 hours prior to eating. No more waiting in line for the microwave at lunch time. No more awkward small talk in the pantry while waiting for my food to heat up.  No more dried-out from-the-microwave pasta leftovers. No cold middles and piping hot edges. And I only paid $12* for it. Do I sound like an infomercial yet?

I’d highly recommend it if you work in an office and regularly bring lunch to work.

Portable crockpot

My favorite feature is how well and evenly the heat distributes throughout the food without drying it out. The quality of the food is much better in the crockpot versus food heated in the microwave. And I’m not gonna’ lie. I really like that that I don’t have to wait for other people to heat up their lunch first. When the hunger strikes, I just reach over to my crockpot, uncover and eat. Instant! Easy!

Portable crockpot..

Here’s how it works/how I do it: I keep the crockpot in a small desk drawer at my office and carry my lunch to work with me in containers.
About 2-4 hours prior to lunch time, I’ll transfer my food to the crockpot and plug it in to heat up. The container is rather compact so you have to be really comfortable having your food touch or overlap (I really had to wrap my head around this, as I generally don’t like my food to touch eachother)
Then serve/eat.
Rinse and repeat.

Click here for the product page on Amazon. [not an affiliate link]

*The price has since increased from when I last purchased. Also note, some colors are more expensive than others.

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