the weekend and pics from a sunday walk in the park


We kept really busy last weekend and that’s just how I like it, most especially in the summer. But I’m talking fun-busy, not obligation-busy. There’s a difference, clearly. Friday night was dinner with friends at Home in the West Village and afterwards, a going-away soirée in the Lower East Side for another friend. Saturday was spent house-hunting in Jackson Heights. It was much more promising than expected and that lifted my spirits and made feel hopeful about finding a place in Queens (see past thoughts and doubts here for reference). To end this optimistic day, a peanut butter fudge ice cream at Sweet Jane’s (fellow Astorians, let it be known that this is what dreams are made of! Okay? Now go). Then Sunday, my friend Jen came over and we walked and talked around the beautiful Socrates Sculpture Park before stopping at Vesta, a relaxed Italian spot that makes a mean brunch. It was a nice leisurely way to cap off the activities-filled weekend.

These are my pics from Socrates. I didn’t photograph anything else this weekend, so this is all I got. But they’re really interesting, I assure you.


The pic doesn’t do it justice, but this is kind crazy to walk through. The ribbon gives you this dizzying feeling. ↓scarecrow

Not bad for a place that used to be landfill.


Queen Mother was my favorite exhibit. It’s made up of umbrellas, hats, lampshades, pans, hubcaps and other unexpected materials and items. It’s also quite poignant when you realize it’s not just cool-looking, but it actually pays tribute to Dr. Delois Blakely, who is an advocate for women, children and the impoverished. ↓queen mother

queen mother2inside2insideThere are wishes on paper hanging from the inside and they all seem to be written by kids. These in particular stood out to me. ↓



See? I said it’d be interesting. Also, affecting.


And just to end this one on a slightly higher note: This view. The East River, Roosevelt Island and the Upper East Side.

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  1. ashley says:

    The queen sculpture is AWE-INSPIRING! I love stuff like that! :)

    Happy to hear there are some promising houses in an area you love!

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