the big 1!

happy birthday

Maybe I’m just biased (okay, I am biased, but still…) I think my nephew Miles is just the most scrumptious little thing. Those cheeks! Those lips! Those eyebrows! I can’t even handle the cuteness. It was such a shame because any time someone picked him up, he cried and cried (see below!) until we gave him back to his mama. Oh, but I wanted to hold and squeeze and eat him up so badly!

janey and miles

Isn’t it funny how we say a baby can be so cute that you want to gobble them up? I never understood it until the people around me started having these really adorable kids. Now, I’m like, I want to eat all those babies! You know what I mean?

laughing baby

Anyway, he turned 1 year-old over the weekend so naturally family and friends got together to commemorate the occasion. Photo-bombs, group shots, selfies, Spanish food, laughing, dancing—we had a good time.

me, magie and janey

janey, dad and tre

cake tablelaureen and grandpa

grandpa and laureen

mason and jax



And I leave you with this. A magic trick, if you will.

levitating baby

The incredible levitating baby!

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