the 2014 brooklyn color run + 4 helpful tips to remember for next time

Color Run - BandsWhat fun The Color Run was! It was my first time at the event and it certainly won’t be my last. Me, my friend Val and her friend Dwahni headed out to Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn and had the time of our lives getting fit and having colored powder thrown on us at every mile mark.  It was an easy course at only 5k and we walked it the entire way (as most people did). We did about 15 seconds of running before I was like, “Yep, I hate running!”.  The best part of it was the after-party. The DJ was pumping all kinds of dance music and had no problems getting the crowd going. At the climax of every song, he had us throw the contents of our color packets in the air, so it created this really cool rainbow cloud effect. It was such a trip!

Color Run - Start Line Color Run - JumpI haven’t been to other races, I agree that this is certainly, as advertised, the happiest 5k in the world. We were in such a good spirits that day.
Color Run - Afterparty
Color Run - MeAnd since I’ll be back, I jotted down a few notes to remember for the next time, which may help you as well:

1.) Do not raise arms too high during a color attack or the powder will latch on to the armpits like white on rice and not come out for days. Perspective: I ran on Saturday and still had blue underarms on Tuesday.

2.) This would be even more fun to do with a larger group of people. The energy is super high at The Color Run and going with a large group will only heighten that.

3.) Definitely take advantage of the blow-dry station before leaving (which I need to make more of an effort to find next time!).

4.) Stock up on waaay more free samples. When you think you have enough, take two more!

I believe there’s still time to sign up in a few other cities, so click here for the dates of you’re interested!

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