out of doors

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Every summer, we see at least one of Lincoln Center’s Out of Doors performances. It’s free, it’s fun and it’s outdoors (which appeals to my “MUST BE OUT AND ENJOY THIS LOVELY WEATHER AT ALL TIMES” mentality in the summer).

lc out of doors

Friday night started with eighth blackbird, a classical sextet. I know nothing about classical music so this is all I have to say about it: It was interesting.


That was followed by a couple of modern dance numbers from Pam Tanowitz Dance Company. Dancing is always my favorite to watch. Sure, it’s nice to see musicians play the violin or the clarinet for a little while, but give me dance and you’ve got my attention all night.



Even Bob enjoyed it and he’s usually not into that sort of thing (see: last year).

me and bob

Sneak attack photo during the classical set (my attention just could not be held for an hour of it, sorry)


This is how I amuse myself.


Aaaaand caught. End of game.


But then the dancing came on and I was all, This is more like it!

dance3And, I wish I could do that!


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