a low-key fourth of july

Patriotic peeps.us(Bob’s flag, created by my nephew Mason, had a rather untraditional take on the American flag.)

Indoor activities for the kids while it was raining: more flag-making and…push-ups.  
flag making

push ups

Followed by play time. For the kids and the adults.
mason and dad1mason and dad2

sisters4 jax and grandpaSun, is that you?! ↓
janey in the sun

Yep, that’s the sun alright! ↓

bob and janey

The neighbor’s dog, Bella came to visit for a few. She used to be this nippy little rascal and now she’s so calm and lets you pet her for days! ↓

the boys

Seven-layers from La Guli. They’re a guaranteed hit! ↓

It seemed a lot of family had made their own plans for the Fourth, so this year it was only us (as in Bob and I), my sister, her kids, my grandmother and my parents at their house in Jersey. But you know what? I actually prefer smaller get-togethers like this. Sometimes, big family affairs can get a little overwhelming, especially for an introvert like myself. This one was more relaxed and intimate and it was a great time! The kids got a little dirty (understatement of the year) and the adults got good and liquored up (some of us anyway). The weather was a bit…uncooperative, but only at first. By the late afternoon, it warmed up some and the sun stayed out for a while so we tried to soak up every ounce of its warmth. As much as he tried to, tropical storm Arthur did not thwart our July Fourth! I was thankful. And now, summer can continue being fabulous…

5 responses to “a low-key fourth of july”

  1. ashley says:

    And next time come to San Diego for your fourth. We’re in a drought! (Guaranteed sunshine).

  2. Maddy says:

    I love low key! I had a similar family-themed weekend (and we couldn’t even see the fireworks through the fog/hills so we didn’t try, ha.) The most exciting was the small-town-type parade near my parents’ home! So many firetrucks and little league teams!

    ps – Your sister’s hair is so fab! I’m clicking out of this post so I don’t get the urge to chop mine…

    • Jillian says:

      Aw! I love that kinda’ stuff. Yeah, it’s funny, I never see fireworks on the fourth because I’m always at a family bbq. This year, I went to a fireworks show in my neighborhood a few days prior so I had my fill!

      I’ll relay the message to my sis. She’ll love that you said that! :)

  3. rooth says:

    You and Bob are SO adorable – I love the pic :)

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