when two weekend personalities come together

lovebirdsBob and I have two different approaches when it comes to the weekend. See, I love to go out and be out and bask in the gloriousness of what is—finally!—Saturday. Now that the weather is absolutely perfect, I feel that itch to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. Bob is not so much a “man about town” as he is more of a “I want to sleep in and watch action movies all day” kind of guy, regardless of how it is outside. But in spite of our differences, we often manage to easily incorporate what we both want into a plan.

sheeps meadow

It went a little something like this: I bursted into the bedroom like the insufferable ball of energy I am in the mornings and shook Bob awake, but with hugs and kisses of course, to soften the blow of getting him up at 9:30 am on a Saturday. He asked me  groggily, “How are you so chipper in the mornings?” and I answered, “Because it’s the weekend! And I want to go out. Let’s do something”. I suggested a picnic in Central Park. It was the best day for it: not too hot, not cold. He told me, “Okay, but I want to see the new Godzilla too”. Meh…alright.

The art of compromise!


We fixed ourselves some pork tacos, samosas and mashed potatoes (weird combination, but delicious all the same) from the hot bar at Whole Foods and carried it over to a shady spot in the park. We got a pretty good view of the baseball games in progress, not to mention a few butt cracks. Take note: when sitting cross-legged on the floor, be sure to pull up your pants or pull down your shirt. Either one works.
eating tacosbob reading a magazine

baseball field

We met the sweetest pit bull mix named Geisha. She snuck up from behind us and plopped herself right on our blanket. As if she belonged to us! We gave Geisha neck scratchies, while the owner chatted us up about rescue dogs, her budding acting career and her feelings on senior citizens living in New York (apparently, she’s against it?). Quite the conversation, let me tell you. But that Geisha? What a cuddlebug.

It rained a little, so the hoards ran for shelter, while we decided it was the perfect time to see the movie.

Godzilla was…okay. Plot was weak, as were most of the characters, but action was tremendous if you’re into that sort of thing.

Is it weird that I liked the 1998 Godzilla movie over this one? Probably, since it’s widely regarded as one of the most terrible films ever. In my defense, I was about eleven when I saw it and I had a huge crush on Matthew Broderick. I should probably rewatch and get back to you on this.

The Smith was one of our go-to places back in the day (which was really only about couple of years ago, but go with it) and we rediscovered its amazingness right after the movie. The toasted gnocchi was still as awesome as ever. It isn’t pictured here, mostly because it was devoured a little too quickly.
cauliflower flatbread and meatballsThe night ended with a banana cream pie, a hot fudge sundae and a couple of episodes of Game of Thrones, which for the record was not so much a compromise as it was mutually understood that dessert and Game of Thrones was the way to end the night. WIN for both of us.

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