the kind of day where everything’s coming up roses


This weekend was one of those great weekends when I just could not (read: would not) stay in the house. The weather was hot and it was sunny and the laundry was done and I’d just completed a big project at work, so I felt exceptionally…light. Relieved. Carefree.

pulled pork

Bob and I headed out to the Big Apple BBQ, where renowned pitmasters from around the U.S. gather in and around Madison Square Park and serve their signature bbq fare to the masses. My favorite was the sweet and sticky ribs from Pappy’s from St. Louis, MO. Ugh, they were just the best. No, really…the best.

ribs and baked beans

While we were watching the magic happen, one of the cooks offered me a rib while I waited and it made me feel extra special. Kind of like that feeling you get when you’re waiting on the line to get into a club and the bouncer picks you out of all the other people to skip the line and go right in. Like, oh me?! Okay then!

torching those ribs

(To be fair, I saw him give out a free rib to a little girl too)

Oh, and it was really crowded too. Lines were horrendous, but totally worth it. This was most especially the case with Pappy’s. Did I mention how much I love those ribs?
salt lick


After eating and watching a live band, we headed back into Astoria and stopped at Bubba’s where the beers were half price and the tacos were free. It doesn’t get any better than that.

beer and tacos

But the sun started creeping in on our shady spot and we didn’t want to call it a day just yet, so we left, picked up some summer ales, poured the beers into a travel mug and headed to Astoria park. On the way, we passed a bar that Bob noticed was playing the Belmont Stakes so we stopped in and watched California Chrome lose the triple crown. Womp, womp. And just like that, we were on our way to the park again.

under the bridge

Oh, this guy below? He was walking a cat on a leash. Rather, he was attempting to walk the cat because all the cat wanted to do was crouch down in the grass. It was pretty adorable.

walking a cat

Never mind all the restaurants, bars and museums—this park is my favorite place to be in Astoria.


Can you see why?

silhouettesoft sun

As the sun set, we begrudgingly walked back home, where I quickly realized just how tired I actually was. But don’t you just love that? When your muscles kind of ache and you can hardly keep your eyes open, but it’s just a reminder of the absolute fun you had all day? I do, I really love that.

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