sonia’s surprise birthday party

happy tears↑Happy tears!

Last Saturday was a busy one for us. Aside from some morning errands, Bob and I headed out to Staten Island for my mom’s best friend Sonia’s surprise birthday party, then back into Queens again for Bob’s cousin’s graduation party. Two parties in one day! I don’t think I even need to say it was whole lot of fun and whole lot of exhausting. But I always remind myself that having too many family functions to go to is a great problem to have. I try not to let myself forget that.


Unfortunately, the only pics I have of are of the surprise party (we arrived at the grad party when it was getting dark out and goodness knows I’m terrible at night pics). But the good news is that the photos I do have came out great. I’ve got pics of friends and family smiling and playing with eachother, drinking, dancing and just generally being merry. I really love capturing those small, spontaneous moments of love and laughter. It’s what makes me smile as I sift through them for editing.

birthday cup

↓Waiting for the birthday girl to arrive. Sonia was thought she was coming to her nephew’s graduation party.

↓ Then everyone jumped out and yelled “Surprise!”…and blocked my shot, haha.surprise


↓ My mom and her other best friend, Gigi. They’re cute.
mom and gigi fifty

evelyn and bill photo album dad and vin

↓ I fell in love with a beautiful dog named Ruby.

↓ She was a champion at staring contests. Most especially when you were eating food.

↓ See? I said there was dancing and I wasn’t lying.

↓ My mom is like, “Whoa whoa…too hot to handle!” Or something like that 😉

I also got such a kick out of how many people told me, “Take my picture and put me on the blog!”. To hear those words! Hams are a blogger’s dream :)

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