jazz age lawn party 2014


Every year, I love attending the Jazz Age Lawn Party at Governors Island, where everyone is elegantly dressed and the Charleston is all the rage. But most importantly, I always get to spend it with a fun bunch. This year was no exception.

learning the charlestonjaney and jaxbubblesbubbles with bob





Want to know a secret? Since the tickets have doubled (currently at $30-$35), we don’t actually pay to get in. We camp out on the lawn alongside the designated area and we get a prime view of the dancers, the orchestra and all the action taking place on stage. It’s seriously the best way to enjoy the party, as every year it just seems to get more and more packed people and their picnic blankets, all just mere inches away from eachother. One year, it was so crowded that we never even got a clear view of the stage! No, now we know better and space out on a shady, uncrowded lawn and get to enjoy pretty much everything but the St. Germain cocktails (no worries, they sell alcohol on other parts of the island, not to mention the yummy food trucks along King Ave). So there’s a tip for all my fellow cheapskates out there (and here’s hoping they don’t catch on!).

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