birthday dinner

filet mignon2The beginning of May is always a celebratory time for me and Bob. We were born in the first week of the month, only one day apart, so naturally we like to combine our celebrations.

Every year, my dad will treat us all to dinner, which includes my mom since her birthday is only two days before mine. So we just kill two birds—or in this case, three—with one stone and all go out and have a delicious dinner at a nice restaurant. This year, we had it at Just in New Jersey but the pictures of that night are grainy and dark, so this post will not be about that time.

But just one pic of Bob’s s’mores towers because its decadence needs to acknowledged.

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We also like to have a slightly rowdier outing that includes friends plus some family. This year, we went to a cozy beer and wine bar in Astoria. But drinks > taking photos. And when we did manage to get a few photos, they were also grainy, dark and some people were caught doing embarassing things, so no, this post isn’t going to be about that either. We need to protect the guilty 😉

But just one picture of Tanya‘s Nutella + red wine concoction needs to be shown. It tasted just like a jelly ring (said my sister), and though it looks messy and a bit muddy, you definitely need to try it. Recipe: Glass of red, tablespoon or two of Nutella, stir and enjoy.

nutella and wine

Like my dad, Bob’s mother likes to take us out a for a meal at one of our favorite places, DeStefano’s in Brooklyn. It’s become a tradition over the years, one that I’m greatly appreciative of. They have the kind of meals that are so damn good and indulgent that it goes in that category of “If I could have one meal on the last day of my life, it would be this”. Our love for DeStefano’s knows no limits and we always make sure to go with a big appetite. The photos came out crisp and clear so this post will be about that!

The appetizers are usually the same every time we go. Fried mozzarella on top of chopped mushrooms, bacon-wrapped asparagus, grilled shrimp and short rib rolls, which kind of remind me of Willia Wonka’s three-course gum, because it’s a mini meal all rolled into one bite. Divine.

mozzarella crostini

Followed by the star—the steak. Meat-lovers, this is your paradise.
filet mignonrib eye

Let’s not count out the veggies though. The creamed spinach and creamed corn are nothing short of amazing.

B-day couple alert!
bday couple

Aaaaaaand dessert.
panna cotta

We had an amazing time at all three of our birthday events and I’d like to thank everyone who celebrated with us. I had everything I could’ve asked for—good food, good laughs and most of all, good people to share it all with.

Now with a trip to Vieques on the horizon and Bob’s graduation coming up, May is already looking to be the month. It’s bringing good things so far and I’m reveling in all of it!

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