4 natural deodorants that actually work

I started using natural deodorant almost two years ago and have since found, like everything, some work and most don’t. This list I’ve compiled are the absolute best I’ve tried yet. All are affordable, with the most expensive being about $16. I think it’s a small price to pay to avoid aluminum chloride and parabens. While there isn’t concrete evidence of these ingredients causing cancer or other diseases, I like to err on the safe side and opt for natural (or as natural as I can get) when it comes to skincare. If you do too, then read on!

4 natural deodorants that actually work.

1.) Kiss My Face Liquid Rock Roll-On

I’ve raved about this one before. It was the first natural deodorant I’d tried and I was delighted it worked so well, considering all the horror stories I’d heard about going natural. Just to be clear, I am only endorsing the roll-on. I had once tried the solid gel form and it worked terribly. One time I wore it, I’d given Bob a hug and he promptly pulled away, made an ick-face and flat out told me, “Yeah, you kinda’ stink”. And that was the end of that. Roll-on, all the way.

Pros: Applies completely clear so it’s ideal for sleeveless days. Vegan-friendly and doesn’t test on animals.
Cons: Applies very wet and takes a while to dry. Not much in the scent department, though the cucumber green tea is pretty good. Some other scents have hints of patchouli which I’m not crazy about, although that’s more of a personal preference.

2.) Soapwalla Deodorant Cream

It’s a cream, so you apply it with your fingers. Weird, right? Trust me, you get used to it and once you do, it’s a dream to apply since it’s so smooth and allows for thoroughness. Just make sure you have clean, dry hands and you’re good to go. I love this stuff.

Pros: Blends easily, comfortably and invisibly. It’s the only one that I felt actually improved the texture of my underarm skin. Uses organic ingredients, is vegan-friendly and doesn’t test on animals. It has a mildly minty scent.
Cons: Only available online (from what I’ve seen) and shipping fees are unavoidable.

3.) Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant

This was recommended to me by my friend Jen as the only natural deodorant that ever worked for her. It reminds me of a product like Secret or Dove, with its wide range of vanilla-infused scents and the white solid stick.

Pros: Whichever scent you choose will smell fantastic! It applies very comfortably too. It’s available at Sephora (in stores too) or online.
Cons: Leaves a faint white residue, so not the best for going sleeveless.

4.) Lavilin Roll-on Deodorant

This product claims that it works for 72 hours, even with showers in between. That’s not the case for me, however, it is long-lasting at about 8-12 hours depending on my activity level. To be fair, there are plenty other reviewers that claim this Lavilin works for the full 72 hours and sometimes even longer. I really like how fresh this smells, but it is on the strong side so if that bothers you, then you may want consider using the cream formula instead. Side note: my experience with the cream was okay. While it worked well, it was difficult to apply because of how thick and sticky it was. The white residue was very visible and I found my underarms got very dry and irritated after two weeks of using it. But it seems I may be in the minority, as I didn’t see any reviews online that shared the same complaints.

Pros: Applies completely clear. Dries quickly. Lovely fresh-smelling scent.
Cons: It applies cold and wet. May not last as long as it claims, though this will depend on your body chemistry.


One thing to consider is if you’re switching from an antiperspirant to a natural deodorant, it will definitely take some time to transition to a new formula. Don’t give up on them right away!

Note everyone’s body chemistry is the same, so what works well for me may not work as well for you. Please keep this in mind, if trying any of these suggestions. Good luck!

8 responses to “4 natural deodorants that actually work”

  1. rooth says:

    How interesting. I tried a natural deodorant for awhile but didn’t like the scent. Maybe these are a little better?

    • Jillian says:

      I would say if you’re going to make the switch, start with Lavilin or Lavanila. They both have that yummy fresh scent that most standard deodorants have. Unless of course, that’s the scent that you don’t like. In which case, the Soapwalla is very mild.

  2. ashley says:

    I LOVE that you did this. I had tried to go the natural deodorant route a few months back and found it didn’t work…I’m glad there are some brands that do!! Can’t wait to try these!

    • Jillian says:

      Trust me, I had to go through a few duds to finally get to the good stuff. I hope these work for you! In my experience, it took my body a few days to adjust to natural deodorant so carrying antibacterial wipes and deodorant with me was a must! It’s good to be prepared for that kinda thing.

  3. Melissa says:

    I’ve actually just been recently thinking about making the switch! I will have to check our suggestions out…thanks for sharing!

  4. colleen says:

    this was incredibly informative, thank you! i will definitely try one of these when my dove runs out.

  5. LeeLee says:

    Yes! Glad you did this post. I’ve recently started using natural deodorants and there’s def. some that are better than others. I will check out your selections soon.

  6. Wooooooo! I needed this. I’ve pretty much gone natural on most my beauty/hygiene products but I’ve always had a rough time finding a deodorant that can tame…my spirit.

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