easter 2014


On Easter, the fam got together (sans Bob because he had to work, womp womp) for the annual Easter egg hunt, a yummy pasta dinner and lots of gabbing around the table.  It was a great time, most especially for the boys, who ate their weight in chocolate bunnies and jellybeans. These kids were spoiled rotten with all the candy bags and baskets they received.

coloring eggs

Along with the capes, my sister Janey designed and hand-made these tote bags for the boys. ADORABLE. FABULOUS. STYLISH. All those things. She is uber-talented at this.the boys

A behind the scenes story into the picture below, otherwise known as Egg-gate. A scandal in which all three boys went for one golden egg and only one boy emerged victorious. Needless to say, the other two were highly upset. Like full-on tears and emotional breakdown upset. Okay, maybe we go with three golden eggs next year? Noted.
the golden egg

Now, onto the adults portion of this post!
mom janey and magieMilk chocolate-dunked Peeps. Because the sugar coating just isn’t enough.eating-a-peepjaney and aidaOkay, I snuck one more in with a kid. Had to! Those cheeks are out of this world.aida-and-miles

You may or may not have noticed the partial construction zone that is mom and dad’s house. The dining room table was out of commission, so we hung out in the yard when the weather decided not to blow a 20 mph chilly wind, sat on the floors every once in while and ate dinner at the kitchen table in shifts of four. Considering the ravenous and hangry individuals we are, the dinner situation actually worked out quite well. We’re pretty good sports, it turns out.

chicken-parm dinner

Sunday was really really nice. It’s great to catch up with family and friends in such a relaxed and breezy environment. The kids having a ball (and on good behavior to boot) and everyone laughing and having a good ol’ time just chatting it up. Here’s to more get-togethers just like these!

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