janey’s bday brunch


A few weekends ago, we celebrated my sister’s birthday at Pane E Vino for the second year in a row. This place is just fantastic. The servers are attentive, the food delectable and the patio has a really bright and airy ambiance that makes your skin look all glowy and youthful (love that!).

And that lasagna? I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. TOP-NOTCH.


After being engaged for about 5 years and together for 14, Janey and Tre announced that they set a date for their wedding next year! Knowing their style, it’s going to be a fabulously chic and offbeat affair. It’s relieving to know that I won’t have to dress in some hideous puke-green taffetta bridesmaid getup. But really, does this actually happen in real life? Who are these brides that make their bridesmaids dress like that? Friends don’t let friends wear puke green taffetta, I always say (not really).

It’s terribly exciting and it has made me so eager for my own (imaginary) wedding, so much so that I’ve been very active on my Pinterest wedding board lately, pinning everything from vintage dresses to non-floral centerpieces to practical spreadsheets on what questions to ask your photographer. Realistically, I probably won’t even come close to doing 1/3 of the ideas once it comes, but still…I like dreaming. I’m very thankful that Bob isn’t one of those guys who’s intimidated by my “When I Get Married” board. Or by my shameful consumption of Four Weddings for that matter. I admit it—I love that show!

Anyway. Back to brunch pics. Obligatory mimosa shots and all.magie and mike


taking pics


magie and the boys

janey, magie and the kids

The birthday girl came away with lots of hugs and kisses from the kids, a new sparkly wallet and a local spa package from yours truly.

Also! A quick tip from the lazy girl’s guide to gifting: If you’re ever in a bind about what to get someone as a gift (story of my life), or if you’re one of those people who waits until the last-minute (me again), then Groupon! Groupon is the answer! Yes, I’m sure this is old news to most of of you. But recently I was reminded that it serves as a fantastic source for gifts. Spa packages for under $40! City walking tours, yoga classes, play tickets, mani-pedi combos—all ridiculously affordable. Not to mention that buying an experience, as opposed to a tangible item, is surprising and wonderful to the person who receives it. Thumbs up for being a better gift-giver without ever leaving the house!

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