a night at pinot’s palette


I’m especially excited to tell you about my weekend today. My friend Jen invited me to do something a little different from the norm: attend a paint class in which we’d imitate a famous work, all while having the option to sip on a variety of beer and wine. I was so up for it. And let me tell you, beer + painting= perfect pairing. It really gets those creative juices flowing. Plus, they started us off with some 80’s hair metal, which I think is the ultimate soundtrack for getting pumped and ready to go. I was already having fun and we hadn’t even put brush to canvas yet.



lone painting

These are the faces of two very excited people, ready to paint our soon-to-be masterpieces!


Van Gogh’s blossoming almond tree (below) was the theme of the night. I think it’s a gorgeous painting. My favorite part is the texture and coloring of the night sky.

van gogh blossoming almond treeWhat’s great about it—and all the art, in general—is that everyone has a different perspective on it. Our instructor encouraged us to be creative and free with our work. Feel free to get messy on the canvas! Paint on as many flowers as you like! Add a few more branches and place them wherever! Paint what you feel! I love the whole “no rules” concept.

hard at work

It was great fun, but also extremely therapeutic. If it wasn’t such an expensive hobby, I’d love to take up painting. When we were filling in the background, it felt thoroughly calming and for a few moments I was entranced by the rich blue-greens and the cross-hatch strokes of my brush. It felt so gratifying when everything was completed. Jen and I were really pleased with our results. I’m even proud of the imperfections and view them them as the painting’s battle wounds. Makes it sound like it’s been through something, you know?


And below, the finished works! What do you think? Future artistes?


I’m hanging up mine in my bedroom :)

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