a dinner party


A few weeks ago, I bumped into my friend Aaron on the subway. After the initial what are you doing heres and where are you headed tos, we left off with an equally ubiquitous we should hang out sometime! You know how those things go, don’t you? You say you’re going to hang out and then months go by without a single call or text from either party. I’m guilty of having no initiative when it comes to these things, so when he texted me an invite for dinner (to be made by his brother Isaac) just mere weeks later, I was pleasantly surprised and happily accepted.

chicken saag

A deliciously spicy Indian dinner of chicken saag (or is it saag chicken?) with chickpeas was prepared and plated for us. And then came THE MOST AMAZING CHALLAH BREAD EVER. Every Friday, Isaac makes this bread and now that I have this information, I might just nonchalantly swing by on a Friday night pretending I’m there to say ‘hi’ when I’m really just there for bread. That challah. I swear it’ll make you weak in the knees.

challah breadWhich was followed by some shots of Eastern European liquor.


Then lots of silliness. In that order, of course.

me and bobme and bob2isaac and jenbob and aaron

It’s times like these that remind me the efforts to keep in touch are very much worth it. For the change of scenery, the conversation and the fun to be had, but most of all, for the companionship.

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  1. rooth says:

    Home cooked meal and European liquors? Now that’s a recipe for success – it looks like y’all had such fun

  2. Brenda says:

    I want to know if it is in any possible to get the recipe for the delicious Challah bread I would love to try it lol my whole family would love to try it
    thank you Brenda

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