a few things making me happy this week

Spoonfuls of cashew butter with tiny chocolate chips.
cashew butter and chocolate chips = great snackIf I want a sweet fix, I’ll scoop a heaping portion of cashew butter and sprinkle a few chocolate chips on it. It tastes like cookie dough.

My Dingoes Ate My Baby T-shirt.
dingoes ate my baby teeAs a die-hard Buffy fan, I could not be more excited to wear my new favorite t-shirt from my favorite fictional band. I’m waiting for a warm enough day so that I can wear it on its own and not buried underneath a sweater and a jacket. It’s the kind of tee that deserves to be seen!

This cacao powder.
cacaoJust received this cacao in the mail and I can not wait to make something yummy with it. I’m thinking something decadent like fudgy brownies or chocolate pudding. Something where the chocolate can really shine.

This Alice in Wonderland pillow.
wonderland pillowAdds a touch of whimsy to the living room. I love that it’s lifted from an actual page in the book.

A clean house.
clean sinkYou know that feeling when you finally give a thorough cleaning to a house that’s so-dirty-you-can’t-even-stand-it? Yeah, that.

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