6 relationship movies to watch on netflix now

The cold has kept me hibernating, so I’ve practically dedicated the entire season to watching movies on Netflix (it’s been an exciting winter, hasn’t it?). I happen to be a sucker for dramas or comedies that involve relationships or love of some sort, so that’s how this list came about. I enjoyed all of these so if you’re looking for something to watch, I’ve got a few suggestions for you.

I Give It a Year

i give it a year

Do opposites attract or don’t they? That’s something you’ll find out in this hilarious film about a couple who gets married too soon. This is one of the very few romantic comedies that can make me laugh out loud. Some of the situations are so awkward and absurd, that it was hard not to (wait until you see the scene with the doves – pure gold!). If you’re in the mood for something light, fun and a wee bit raunchy, then this one is for you. And really, you just can’t go wrong with a smooth and seductive Simon Baker. The guy is ridiculously handsome and worth the watch alone.

Watch the trailer below:

Stuck in Love

stuck in love

I’ve seen it twice within the span of a week, that’s how much I loved it. It’s about relationships, not just between significant others, but between family. Everything about this film feels genuine. At times, it’s funny. At other times, it’s heartbreaking. But mostly it’s heartfelt and filled with believable perfomances from everyone. Sure, it might be a tad predictable at times, but I was so engrossed in the film that I didn’t mind. Also, the soundtrack is amazing.

Watch the trailer below:

Drinking Buddies

drinking buddies

Olivia Wilde and Jake Johnson play the “drinking buddies” and what’s great about them is that there is an obvious chemistry between them, despite the very laid-back and casual nature of this movie. The entire film is ad-libbed, which I find to be really fascinating. I majored in drama in high school and improvisation was by far the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, so I give major kudos to the cast for making it look so easy (although I’m sure drinking real beer throughout the shoot helped just a little!).  It’s witty and dialogue-heavy with a lot of subtleties, so it’s worthwhile to pay close attention.

Watch the trailer below:

My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend

my girfriends boyfriend

This is a really sweet and charming movie. While the cover and the storyline might seem like just another predictable romantic comedy to you, it’s not. There was a surprising twist that I didn’t see coming and that’s what makes it stand out from other films in its genre. And does Alyssa Milano ever age? Because she looks 20 years-old!

Watch the trailer below:

Take This Waltz

take this waltz

Margot played by Michelle Williams is “restless, but in a permanent way”, as quoted by the sexy artist she meets and is instantly attracted to. And her restlessness plays a huge part here. One other interesting twist is that in spite of her attraction, Margot is a happily married woman. Usually, the writers will sympathize you to the cheating character (although, there’s definitely an argument here about what’s considered cheating) by making his or her significant other abusive/mean/neglectful/a lying cheating bastard, which kind of justifies the straying.  But the husband here is neither of those things. In fact, he’s downright loveable which makes it uncomfortable to watch Margot pursue her attraction to another man. Visually, the movie is stunning and saturated with warm bold color so it’s beautiful to watch as well.

Watch the trailer below:



Roger Ebert described this as “good trash”, which is actually the perfect description. It’s tender, uncomfortable, intense and the storyline is something right out of a juicy soap opera. There’s a bit of an “ick” factor, since the two best friends played by Robin Wright and Naomi Watts are dating eachother’s barely-adult sons (ick!), so coming into this with an open mind is encouraged. Wright and Watts are both outstanding in it. The sparkling beachy backdrop ain’t too shabby either.

Watch the trailer below:

14 responses to “6 relationship movies to watch on netflix now”

  1. Jane says:

    I Give It A Year looks awesome, I’ll definitely watch that one. And yeah, I definitely got an ick factor from the Adore trailer.

  2. Laura says:

    I LOVE this list! I thought it would have some ones that I had seen already on it, but I haven’t seen one of these movies. Looking forward to checking them out! All of the trailers look so good.

    • Jillian says:

      Oh, I’m glad! I was wondering if I was posting about movies that EVERYONE has seen, but it seems that most people haven’t. Hope you enjoy as much as I did!

  3. Kate says:

    Ooooh, I really want to see Adore! I’ll add I Give It a Year and Stuck in Love to my list. (Wasn’t a fan of Drinking Buddies – I must have missed something, because I know several people who loved it!)

    The relationship movie that really stuck with me was The Freebie (with Dax Shepard)…I found myself thinking about it days after. Have you seen it?

    • Jillian says:

      Haven’t seen it, but I’m going to add it to my dvd queue now. I just looked for it on streaming and it wasn’t available. I do find Dax Shepard to be rather charming! Thanks for the rec, Kate!

  4. ashley says:

    You know I’m not a fan of Stuck in Love (and so we finally disagree).

    But Take This Waltz is brilliant. And you are so right, I loooooooooooooove how the husband is not a jerk, and it makes the movie so realistic. AND GOD, I so hope I’m not restless in a permanent way. But I truly fear I am. AHHHHHHHH, SELF REALIZATION!!!!

  5. lena says:

    We watched I Give It A Year a few weeks ago and definitely got a good giggle out of it!

  6. colleen says:

    now that i’m stuck inside all day this is so helpful – thank you!

  7. sherri lynn says:

    thanks for sharing these! I haven’t seen any of these but I think I would like them. We’re still snowed in so I might have to start working my way down this list! :)

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  9. Dee says:

    Adore was slow but extremely good! Stick with it. My new fav movie is Stuck in Love.

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