30 days of paleo: the good continues

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onions and shallots

Thursday: I am still amazed at how good I feel. I love this new energy that I have and I’m encouraged to keep with this even more now. I ask Bob if he feels it and he says, “Not really”.  Womp, womp. But he did lose 10 lbs. and has a flatter belly so that’s something.

Friday: Friday night is an off-night. Every year, Bob’s mother will make a reservation for us to have dinner at DeStefano’s on New Year’s Day. They were closed, so the dinner was rescheduled for tonight. I indulge in some creamed corn, bread and filet mignon covered in a rich Burgandy sauce,  but I don’t feel at all guilty about it. It’s one night and not something to get bent out of shape over.

Saturday: For the first time on a Saturday night, Bob and I decide not to eat out or order in. He makes grilled shrimp with a honey-chile glaze, while I’m handling the cauliflower rice and the guacamole. I have such a hard time letting Bob handle himself in the kitchen. I’m worried he’ll mess something up or use too much of an ingredient so I’m constantly looking over his shoulder. But my fears are eased when the shrimp comes out fantastic! Shrimp with guacamole is tasty. Shrimp with honey chile glaze and guacamole is amazing! As is the cauliflower rice.


Sunday: Dinner is a delicious and comforting bowl of chicken sausage, bacon and Brussels sprouts. I note to Bob that since we started this Paleo thing, most of our dinners have been hits. He agrees. I guess I must have spoken too soon because I make chocolate ice cream and it comes out…meh. Though mostly because of the consistency over the taste. I guess my freezer must not be that cold because the ice cream never fully thickens. We’re left with something in between soft-serve and pudding. It’s disappointing.

Monday: I get a tip from a Paleo newsletter to make my own candy bars. Sold!  I play around with the measurements for the cocoa and coconut oil and find that more of the oil leads to a very nutty taste that I’m digging (Almond Joy!). I don’t have coconut flakes, but that’s fine because Bob hates them anyway. I add the chopped almonds and flakeless Almond Joys are born. They are really terrific. I’m definitely going to make these again (and again). 

Tuesday: I’ve been eating sliced bananas with cashew butter in the mornings. It’s my favorite breakfast so far—even over eggs and bacon! It’s quick, easy and travels well (I usually eat my breakfast at work). I’m having a bit of a love affair with it these days.


Overall thoughts:

Much to my surprise, I am loving this diet. At times, it can be very restricting but mostly it forces me to make delicious meals out of healthy ingredients. Nearly every meal has impressed. This, of course, excludes my first week.

Cauliflower rice surprised me. And not because I dislike cauliflower—I love it. But while I would have been able to polish off a whole cauliflower if I had just cut it into chunks and roasted it, I can barely finish half when it’s in “rice” form. The volume played tricks with my mind and in turn, I ate less of it and still felt full. And had enough for leftovers. Money-saving tip right there!

I do wish free-range organic meat was more accessible. The nearest organic butcher is a 30-minute walk away from where I live, so it’s a bit of a pain to get to. My local grocery, at the very least, sells organic chicken so if anything, I just turn to chicken. But, like I said, more variety closer to home would be ideal.

Next week is my last week! Although, I might go a few days longer to make up for my “soft launch”. We’ll see.

6 responses to “30 days of paleo: the good continues”

  1. rooth says:

    I’m glad you’re enjoying the diet and feeling good! That’s great news

  2. Hanna says:

    Reading this detailed dieting inspires me to try to eat healthier! It’s really all abt eating wholesome foods, lots of fruits & veggies for almost the whole week & of course one day to cheat & reward urself :) Would love to read ur results on this diet later!

  3. kate says:

    you’re making paleo sound really really good! i may need to get on board, or at least try this cauliflower rice!

  4. ashley says:

    I feel the same way about cauliflower rice!! I was surprised at how full it made me, and how much I actually liked it :)

  5. colleen says:

    so much of this sounds delicious, really. i definitely will have to incorporate some of these into my cooking. also, the comment on looking over bob’s shoulder in the kitchen – i think a lot fo women struggle with this (i know i did). but i remind myself that to learn i needed to make mistakes, and i would rather share my life with someone who knows his way around a kitchen and isn’t intimidated. if there are days where i’m sick, or we have kids and i’m out of town, i want to know my partner can take care of them and is capable, which will only happen if he cooks now. so bring on the not so great with the great, and eventually it will all be good. i think a lot of women struggle with control in their home (meals being made who they would do it, things being cleaned the way we would do it), and then we complain about being tired and shouldering more of the chores at home. it’s a pitfall i fall into a lot, and really try to watch myself on. so, i feel your pain on that one, for sure. but i’m sure glad the shrimp came out as good as it did :) go bob (and congrats on the weight loss!)

    • Jillian says:

      That’s a great point, Colleen. I have a difficult time giving up control, especially in the kitchen. But knowing that my significant other knows what he’s doing in the kitchen is a comfort, especially when you consider the examples you brought up (being out of town, sick, etc.). I’m just always so worried that what he’s going to make will be inedible, lol. There was an instance when he made a stir-fry that I could not stomach! But that was a long time ago and everyone makes mistakes in the kitchen. I know I certainly have!

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