30 days of paleo: getting into the swing of things

Read about my first week here.


Friday: As I usually do on Fridays, I’m planning my meals for the next week, but this time keeping in mind that we need more substantial dinners. It takes me about an hour, but I think I’ve got a good menu here, thanks to Pinterest and various Paleo blogs. Things are looking up!

Saturday: I take myself on a little shopping spree and by the time I get home—around 4pm—I am starving. Oh, that’s right…I forgot to eat! Bob gets into his new Batman video game and somehow he forgets to eat too. For an early dinner, we go to Brick, one of our favorite haunts and somewhat Paleo-friendly. High point: I ordered grilled fish with veggies, while Bob has the veal. Low point: Before the meal, the bread sitting on the table started taunting us, relentlessly. Don’t forget, we were so hungry. One guess how that turned out.

Sunday: Since I slipped a little last night, I vow to be better today. I go out to brunch with a friend and am very proud of myself for ordering the omelette with tomatoes and zucchini. My friend is very supportive. It definitely helps to have someone to encourage you, rather than be all, “Just eat the damn pizza already!” Dinner at home is great too. I made a hamburger salad and afterwards I feel satisfied but not full. I’m coming to learn that this is okay.

Monday: I notice something at about 2:30pm. I’m no longer feeling sleepy or sluggish after lunch. I’m not jumping off the walls or anything, but I do feel a postive difference in my energy level. This is a refreshing change.

chicken patties

Tuesday: Bob finally convinces me to try coffee black. Ugh, it’s not good. I just can’t. I don’t know how he drinks this every day. There’s a small part of me that wants to cheat with some almond milk, but then I remember that store-bought almond milk is heavily processed and contains some weird, hard-to-pronounce ingredients. I’ve already survived a week without coffee, so what’s another week or two? Dinner is fantastic! I call my mom to find out how she fries plantains, and with her simple directions, they come out amazing! Crispy fried goodness with roasted cauliflower and baked chicken. I love it. My favorite dinner this month.

Wednesday: I walk into the pantry at work and see a new addition to the vending machine: chocolate chip mini muffins. Do I even need to say, I love chocolate chip mini muffins?! I make a few more trips to the pantry throughout the day. It’s funny, but with each time I see them, I want them less. That inital longing kind of wore off, which is interesting. Exposure therapy, anyone? I don’t question it further, for fear of thinking too much about chocolate chip mini muffins.

cashew butter

Overall thoughts:

I was kind of freaking out last week about meat, so I told myself—and all of you—that I would include legumes, which were not part of this diet. Well, I haven’t had to do that. I properly planned all of my meals, including lunch and breakfast and was able to keep satisfied even without including too much meat (thank goodness for eggs, avocados and bananas!)

The spending is still an issue though. Our grocery bill is not as high as last week’s, but it still stings when I see that total.

I haven’t weighed myself, so I’m not sure if I’ve lost any weight. That’s not what this is about anyway. I think of it more as a study in health, energy and habits. My energy levels are noticeably different. I have more of it! I don’t snack as much between meals. Before, I used to snack on foods like yogurt with granola or some toast, but now that I’m not eating those, I find that I really don’t need a snack. It just goes to show that I was eating, not out of hunger, but to feel full. I can guarantee this will be something I deal with, even long after Paleo month. But at least it’s clear that this is a habit that needs working on.

6 responses to “30 days of paleo: getting into the swing of things”

  1. lena says:

    I’ve come to find satisfied is as good, if not better than feeling truly full–but definitely struggled with that when we stopped eating meat at home. Glad you’re getting into the swing of it this week, and feeling good, too!

  2. Nikki says:

    One of my friends lost like 50 pounds doing a paleo diet and she loved it! I’m thinking about doing it. Good Luck and I love reading about it :)

    • Jillian says:

      Nikki, you should totally do it. Bob says he lost a few pounds already too. I have to say I’ve never felt better. Definitely worth a try.

  3. ashley says:

    I’ve really enjoyed these paleo play-by-play posts! I think anything that can help with that 2:30 pm slump is worth a go!

  4. Laura says:

    I’m so impressed with your dedication! I am so intrigued by your afternoon sluggish feeling going away. I’ll be curious to see what other things about your body that you notice changing!

  5. colleen says:

    yes to dinner! so important to feel satisfied, but not necessarily full. i love going to bed not necessarily feeling hungry, but knowing that my body is not shutting with a very full belly. glad this week went well! good luck with the rest!

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