unconventional burlesque + a snowstorm

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I would have preferred to stay in on Saturday night, considering the snowstorm taking place. In terms of accumulation, it wasn’t anything major but it was that kind of snow that’s constant and violently darts into your face (thank you, 20 mph wind!). But Bob was writing an article on some of the women who perform in a nerdy burlesque show, otherwise known as “Nerdlesque”, and we had tickets for a late show, so we braved the darty snowflakes for the sake of half naked women. His job is so hard sometimes, isn’t it?

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It was a super entertaining show. Lots of amazing dancing paired with creative costumes and fun crowd interaction. The women of D20 are absolutely challenging the idea of what’s sexy and interesting in burlesque. It’s not just sparkly costumes and suggestive dancing. It’s zombies, cartoon characters, Dungeons & Dragons, sunnyside-up egg pasties and awesome weirdness. I loved it.

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The show was defintely the highlight of our night because coming home was the absolute pits. Pouring rain, no umbrella, soaked clothes, no available cabs, a stalled train and two really ticked off passengers. Let it be known, I LOATHE WET SOCKS.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetI blame all the Santacon people for stealing all the cabs. Because, you know, totally not our faults for being unprepared.

All photos were taken with my iPhone and edited with VSCO. Check my Instagram (@jillianm55) for a video clip of the night’s events.
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