the hunt for chocolate in bryant park

bryant park tree

Every year, Bob and I go to the Winter Village at Bryant Park for one purpose: Max Brenner’s chocolate-covered caramelized pecans (I rave about them every year). I mean, sure, we could go to the Max Brenner in Union Square year-round, but even getting through the front door of that place is a maze. The pop-up holiday shop, if you go early enough, is blissfully crowd-free. Anyway, it’s our thing. Bryant Park holiday shops = Max Brenner chocolate. Buying it once a year keeps it special, keeps it new. Kind of like those limited edition peppermint bark Lindt chocolates they only release just before Christmas. I always buy at least one of those during the holidays. The power of seasonal exclusivity!

cat clocks

We like to browse around a little first. There are tons of fun and unusual gift ideas around here. If you want a handmade metal replica of Predator about half your size, they have it (but it’ll cost you a pretty penny). Cat clocks? Vegan “leather” notepads? Recycled handbags made of magazines or gum wrappers? Got it, got it and got it. And then some.

macaron shop

bryant park tree2

bryant park

But then…

max brenner

And the browsing is over. Pop in. Spend about a gajillion dollars on several tins of chocolate-covered nuts. Peace out.

berriesYep, I do love this time of year. Give me chocolate and give me classic Christmas songs and twinkle lights. That’s all I need.

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