had ourselves a merry little christmas

winter village

Christmas was complete with all the trimmings: a roast glazed ham, my dad’s famous winter village under the gold tree, impatient little kids, good ol’ family time, my favorite seven-layer cookies from La Guli (or you can call them rainbow cookies – there seems to be a hot debate over what they’re actually called) and lots of other goodies. Christmas treated us very well.


No pics of the kids ripping through their gifts. They turned into little Tazmanian devils so all those photos came out a massive blur.

fruit and cheese plattertable settingjaxon

And very very few pictures of adults. It’s a very Charlie Brown Christmas-appropriate blog post. The only glimpses of adults are the back of my dad’s head and few hands here and there. Now we just need those “womp womp womp” voice-overs and it’s complete!


winter village 1miles2

For the record, I’m not the aunt who’s “hot and single”. Ha!

christmas treep.s. Check out the Instagram video I filmed of the train moving around the tiny village. Like my sister says, it rivals Macy’s holiday setup!

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