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sweet potato souffle

I haven’t done a what’s-been-on-my-mind-trail-of-thought kind of post here in a while and I miss it. Blogging has been a bit scattered too. It’s just been so busy lately! I know everyone says that, so much so that it has lost its meaning. But in my case, it’s been jury duty day after day (thank goodness that mess is over), family stuff and whatever falls in between. Most of the “in between” is just sheer laziness, if I’m being honest. I think the cold weather is affecting me and my body is telling my brain “hibernation mode!” most days.

But I do love doing these kinds of posts because I find I have more in common with people than I expect. Common ground. That’s what I’m talking about. I never know what’s going to strike a chord.

  • Thanksgiving. Mine was great. We spent it with Bob’s family and I brought over my mom’s sweet potato soufflé. They were such a hit and I was quite proud they came out so well, toasty marshmallow top and all (see picture above). Did you make anything of note? Buying cookies from the bakery counts, by the way.
  • During jury duty, Evelyn (aka pomegranate lady) saw another juror had brought in a tuna and avocado sandwich.  Something about this combination threw her off. “Who eats tuna with avocadoes?!” When I said, “I do! I always put avocado in tuna”, she replied, “Oh, of course you do honey, you’re the one who eats the pomegranate seeds!”
  • Bob and I went to a comedy show and there was this guy who I forget the name of, but he was so funny, my sides hurt from laughing so much. It was the kind of humor that’s really dirty and uncomfortable and you’re wondering, is it okay to laugh at this? But then you’re like, of course it is, inappropriatenss is hilarious! And this is a very non-Jillian thing to say, but I think I’d like to be one of those people that sits up at the very front so I can interact with the comedians. Contributing (somewhat) to the act looks like so much fun! Just don’t pull me onto the stage because…NO.
  • That same night, we went to a French-African restaurant called Ponty Bistro and what a gem of a place that was! Everything we had was superb, including the truffle mac & cheese, rosemary lamb chops, sirloin rubbed with “Senegalese spices” and the potato gratin that tasted like no other I’ve had. File this one under Eat Here Now.
  • I’ve gotten many people in my family to create wishlists, which are basically Pinterest-style Christmas lists. Bob raised the point that it takes the thoughtfulness out of gift-giving (although, might I add, he’s got his own wishlist too). It’s a valid point. However, I’m choosing to look at it more practicially: eliminating the stress of gift-buying. It’s made my shopping a thousand times easier this season. What do you think? Smart or unthoughtful?
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