dyker heights wins at christmas

so many lights

DYKER HEIGHTS!!! I write that with three exclamation points because I grew up here and of course, like many of us, we tend to think fondly of and romanticize our childhood. Of course, I didn’t live in any of the gigantic million-dollar homes that Dyker Heights is most known for around Christmastime. I remember a rumor going around school that they were owned by members of the Mafia (because how else can you afford a home that huge?) And for the record, middle school gossip has a tendency to be extremely exaggerated/made up/unreliable. No, we lived in an apartment above a tailor shop on a busy avenue and loved every minute of it. Well, not every minute. I always took issue with the weekend subway repairs, which went on for years. But that’s a topic for another time.


Anyway, enough about me. Look at these homes all decked out and Christmas-y!

reindeer on the lawn

lights2lights3brilliantgateslit up homegates2

And the most grand Christmas decorations go to…

winningEvery year. Every year, this house just gets it.

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