mason’s 6th birthday


There’s this magical place in Williamsburg, Brooklyn that is a kid’s dream!


It’s called Twinkle Playspace and it has the coolest, most imaginative playground set-up. A tree fort with a ¬†suspension bridge, a princess-themed beauty salon, a fire engine, a food market filled with empty boxes of Frosted Flakes and plastic produce….


If you ever take your kids here (or a place like it), be prepared to spend some time there because those kids are NEVER. LEAVING.

bday boy2

fire truck

bday boy

We celebrated here for my nephew Mason’s 6th birthday. Six! These kids are growing up too fast for my liking. I remember when he was just a chunky little 2 year-old that repeated everything I said. I liked to have fun with him and make him say things like “I like burritos” and “I like ravioli”, just to hear how cute he sounded out difficult words. For the record, it was “I like burrtos!” and “I like wabioli!” in his adorable baby voice. That wabioli killed me every time.

Now he’s this super smart, sharp kid that loves all things Batman and can karate-chop like the best of ’em. And let’s not even get into his dance moves. He dances better than anyone I know.

aida and miles

Coolest cupcake stand ever? I think so.

batman cake stand

Coolest place for a kid ever? Quite possibly!

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